2018 Fall Color Trends

2018 Fall Color Trends

If you know anything about fall fashion it’s the amazing color trends that come along with it. This season’s colors will be expressing our need for individuality and creativity. There will be a huge focus on self-expressive colors. Mixing and combining unexpected colors this fall will give you the signature look you’ve been dreaming of.

Red Pear

When you think of wine colors, you think of fall. Red pear is the perfect idealization of romantic fall days. This is by far the one of the best color trends this fall. Red shades will always be popular, but nothing comes close to red pear. Go for a red pear scarf to give your outfit a pop of color or a long satin trench coat.

Valiant Poppy

Brave and outgoing red shade effusive in its allure is how this amazing fall color was described. If you’re not feeling bold enough to color block your look, then you can wear this color as a lipstick or jewelry. You can give your all black outfit a pop of color.

Nebulas Blue

This is almost like twilight blue, and not as deep as a navy blue with more brightness. You can style this blue with bright orange or wear a suit of this color. This blue let’s your outfit speak for itself with the catch of a few eyes on you.

Russet Orange

Orange is way more wearable than people really think. AND this fall it will be proven! You can go for an oversized orange coat with a black turtle neck under, or match your oversized knit to fall florals. Style orange trousers with a mustard jacket or mustard knit, the possibilities are endless for orange this fall.

Crocus Petal

This pastel color is refined, subtle and airy. This soft shade makes anyone feel as if spring has never truly left. Women can use this lavender like color in makeup, lipstick, and eye shadows to enhance their looks. Since florals aren’t out the door just yet this fall, this color is perfect on a floral dress, or skirt.

Quetzal Green

Quetzal green is a mix of sea blues and greens, deep and dark. Although this color doesn’t replace black, it’s like the new black. This color would be styled beautifully on a quetzal green satin dress for dinner in the city. OR an oversized coat styled with a rust colored wide brimmed hat.

Bright Fuchsia

This season calls for mixing your brights! Bright fuchsia plus orange makes a very powerful statement. This famous purplish red-tinted pink color is most certainly a 2018 fall color trend that must be added to your wardrobe.  This bright and vivid color can be worn in a jumpsuit or an oversized knit sweater with culottes pants, but slightly different fuchsia shades.


This pungent yellow-green will become the center of attention this fall. You can brighten a dark floral skirt with a pale yellow sweatshirt, to give it a chic look.