2018 Summer Fashion Trends

2018 Summer Fashion Trends

This summer’s fashion trends are everything you have hoped for, bold, bright and beautiful. Despite moving into new directions, there are many trends that are going to stay from previous seasons. AND since fashion is often a cycle, some trends go out of style, while others come back in style.



Summer pieces make their debut from sheer to total transparency. The trend for total transparency is calling for shirts, dresses and skirts. Sheer is emerging more and more, and in so many different ways to style. No more need for pasties that’s for sure! It’s all about what lies beneath now, perhaps a bralette that gives your look a pop of color. Wear a transparent shirt over a bralette or camisole or a midriff-bearing top with high waited trousers for extra coverage.

Palm Beach/Tropical Prints

Hibiscus flowers and palm leaves have really taken over this summer. If pastels and florals are not for you, then you can partake in the tropical print trend. Work may be holding you up a bit from hopping on a plane and immersing yourself in salty air and sandy beaches, but you can still bring a little bit of the tropics to you. Whether you want to flaunt the tropics in your one-piece, two-piece or summer dress, this is the go-to trend this summer.

Floral Dresses

Summer wouldn’t be the same without pretty floral dresses. Florals are a summer staple that are a fun print to style. They come in all sorts of colors and variations, and can also be clashed with another print in the outfit. You can choose a midi dress or a long sweeping dress that is both eye catching and intense but in a stylish way.


Will denim ever stop being trend? This season it’s become trendier. But, there’s no such thing as too much denim, denim on denim is the latest trend. Denim on denim can be a tricky look, but when done correctly it looks amazing. Don’t wear a denim outfit that’s all the same weight or wash because you don’t want to look too matchy-matchy. For instance, you can wear dark denim jeans, and a lighter denim top or jacket.

Matching Sets

Matching sets have made a comeback in the fashion world. The matching sets where your pants match your top, or your skirt matches your sweater. This has to be easiest trend to put together and look fabulous all at once. If you a few sets in your closet, it’s perfect because you know what to wear and can just grab it.