2019 Men’s Fall Fashion Trends

2019 Men’s Fall Fashion Trends

Fall is finally here, with one thing is mind. Men aren’t really concerned about what’s in and what’s out, instead their focus is on finding clothes that fit, and make them feel handsome and confident. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to stay ahead of the new trends. Take a peek into any man’s closet and I’m sure you’ll find a combination of dark-wash denim, plain white tees and comfy hoodies. The great thing about fall is that you get to really embrace all the cool new trends the fashion world has to offer. Here are a few men’s fall fashion trends you’ll want in your closet this season.

Light Wash Denim Jeans

men's light wash slim jean

men's light wash straight jean

Denim is the most classic trend of all time that truly will never go out of style. Although many men opt for darker wash denim jeans, men’s light wash denim jeans are coming to steal the spotlight this fall. And did I mention that they’re just as versatile as darker shades of denim. You can pair them with a white button-up and Chelsea boots.

Mismatched Prints

Maximalism isn’t only trending among women’s fashion, the men’s fashion sector is no exception. Most men try to rely on the same basics for daily dressing – a few white plain tees, a solid color button-up shirt and the hoodie that they can’t live without. Minimalism may be the easiest route to go, but it’s not the trendiest. Ease into the maximalism trend by starting with one bold print and then once you start getting comfortable with the trend, combine a print with another.

plaid flannel shirt

food striped t-shirt

plaid shirt



corduroy jacket

If you want to give denim a break, opt for corduroy. The fabric is a lot more versatile than most people imagine. Denim may be a timeless piece in any man’s closet, but corduroy is a winter wardrobe staple. Whether you go for corduroy pants, shirt or a jacket, this will be your go-to fall/winter piece no matter where you go. I’d try going for the rich color options, such as dark green, mustard, burgundy and navy which all look great in cord.

Cropped Pants

cropped pants

It’s time to show a little skin, guys. And by skin, I mean ankles. Fellas, this is your chance to show off your sock game or how much of a sneaker head you are. Pair a cropped trouser with simple white tees or Cuban collar shirts and your new limited-edition sneakers.

Plaid Pants

plaid jogger

plaid pants

Make a statement this fall and add some edge to your wardrobe with plaid pants. The best part about plaid pants is that you can style them as edgy or as subtle as you want. Let the plaid pants take center stage and keep the top half anchored in block colors.