2019 Spring Fashion Trends

spring fashion

2019 Spring Fashion Trends

If the polar vortex and snow flurries have taught us anything it’s that there is literally no joy in winter. That being said, who is ready for Spring? Warmer weather, flowers blooming and the sound of birds chirping in the morning. And with the change of season comes a change in fashion trends. Last year was a year of extreme contrasts in fashion. People dressed for functionality and, often, with a desire to shock. This year, key trends such as sport and streetwear won’t be disappear – they’ll evolve. As soon as spring rolls around, you’re going to see these trends legit everywhere.

Sensible Shorts

Last year was all about cycling shorts, but next season it’s getting a little looser. We can give tailored knee-length skirts a break because we’re going for a more boyish alternative this summer. You can pair these shorts with a button-up tucked in or with a crop top on a nice, warm spring day.



The 60’s are back, and they didn’t come alone. Tie-dye seems to be back in fashion and we’re totally here for it. And I’m not only talking about tie-dye t-shirts, it’s a lot chicer than that this season. You can opt for a bold matching two-piece or if you want to slowly reel yourself into the trend, go for a subtle beach maxi.

tie-dye top


I’m sure this is no surprise to anyone, considering last autumn’s obsession with the cowboy boot. And since we couldn’t get enough of the Western-inspired trend, here’s another one that will be infiltrating our wardrobes next season. You will see fringe on everything from jackets to skirts, handbags and more.

fringe outfit

Bright Neon

And it continues…this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  I know you thought pastels had taken over, but vibrant zesty hues are back with a bang. If you’re feeling extra brave opt for a neon on neon look, but if you’re anything like us I’d say start easing your way in with an accessory or a top.

neon pants


Ahh sequins… the elegance in sequin pieces speaks volumes. Sequins were so prevalent at the recent fashion shows that we can’t ignore the trend. This trend is coming in so many different styles and colors, you can opt for a vibrant jumpsuit or a glitzy mini dress for a night out with the girls.

sequin skirt


Suits have been taking over the fashion scene, and although they’re here to stay, it’s shorts suits that we are looking forward to wearing come the spring. And surprisingly suits with shorts instead of slacks are actually looking mighty, classy and adult.

suit shorts


If you like the balance between fashion and function, then this is your trend go-to. Think flight suits, cargo pants and pockets everywhere. Anything from denim boiler suits, combat trousers, oversized anoraks and utilitarian jackets is what we’re looking at next season.

utility jumpsuit