Trendy Colors That Will Drive You Crazy In 2020

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Trendy Colors That Will Drive You Crazy In 2020

The year is 2020 and time is flying at the speed of light. Let’s stop and take a minute to talk about the trendy colors you can expect to encounter this year. Let us do the hard work so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest fashion news. At Fashion Style Guru, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top colors that will command the runway this year. We’re positive that you’ll jump for joy with the colors on this list. Here are some of the top color trends that everyone keeps talking about.

Let’s Talk About Neutrals

Neutral colors are everyone’s best friends in 2020. They always come in handy when you need something cool and trendy to pair with your loud printed skirt or that vibrant top hanging in your closet. Don’t believe the haters – neutral colors will always be in no matter the season. As any fashion-obsessed gal already knows, the rules of fashion say that you should stick to darker colors for the cooler seasons and lighter colors for the warmer ones. Well, this is still the case for the current season. Besides black being trendy, steel gray continues to take over, particularly in the sweater department.

We also can’t seem to get enough of hunter green. This shade of green solves all our problems, especially if it’s on a leather jacket. Whether you decide to combine these three shades or rock them all separately, both options will make for a trendy fit that’ll turns heads.

Be Mysterious & Trendy In Muted Colors

If you kept up with last year’s Fashion Week then you probably already know that muted colors are here for the year. One of our absolute favorites is sage green and we keep seeing it everywhere. Incorporating this beautiful hue into your ensemble is a great way to cheer up any boring, toned-down outfit with fresh minty undertones. You really can’t go wrong with a sage green puffer jacket or a silk slip dress.

Moving on, the next trendy color that left us breathless is pale blue or –as some people say – faded denim. This shade of blue usually appears on casual dresses, gowns, hats, button-ups, and so much more but we’re not mad about it. The best element about this trendy color is that it pairs flawlessly with so many different types of textures like satin, cotton, and even faux fur!

Bright Shades That Will Make You Wish It Was Summer

If you are more of a summer baby, then you will fall hard for these trendy winter shades. First up is the one and only, magenta. We know what you’re thinking, “Magenta in winter?!” Hear us out. Sometimes a bold pop of color is just what we need to make it through these rough few months and honestly, we see it as a blessing in disguise.

If a color as bold as magenta isn’t your speed, then try out burgundy. While many view burgundy as more of a muted color, we believe this hue is very versatile. You may soon notice this color on literally any garment and will always be a favorite for any time of the year. A cropped sweater, leather jacket, bridesmaid dress, gloves, anything goes with this color so that’s what makes it so trendy.

What’s Your Trendy Color This Year?

There are two types of people: The one who despises Winter and hibernates all season long, and then the one who embraces it and bundles up in their most fashionable clothes. No matter which type of person you are, hopefully, these color trends were helpful to you for deciding what to wear this season and the next.

For the summer babies, we have a treat for you. Next season’s colors to keep on your radar include mustard, scarlet, blush, and several more vibrant shades. Now you have something to get you through the rest of this chilly season. Whatever trendy color you decide to wear for now though, we already know you’ll look fabulous in it! Make sure you subscribe to our blog for the latest fashion-related news, tips, and style guides.