Spring Fashion Trends To Look Forward To In 2020

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Spring Fashion Trends To Look Forward To In 2020

While we are still stranded in the Winter season, Spring is slowly blooming around the corner. Because Spring is so closely approaching, it’s almost time to pull out all of those warm-weather clothes from the back of your closet and prepare some chic looks for the new season. No idea where to even start? While you’ve been working on your Summer body, our bloggers at Fashion Style Guru have been putting together incredible tips to rule Spring 2020 in the trendiest looks of the season.

Make A Statement In Fun Prints & Bold Colors This Season

We are so over snow days and so ready for beach days! Toss all of those dull colors aside and break out your most vibrant shades and ultra-unique prints for Spring. This season, all colors of the rainbow are welcome and even the ones in between. For patterns and prints, we are head-over-heels for abstract brushstroke impressions, girly polka dots, fun florals, and classic color blocking. No more blending in, we want to stand out this Spring season!

Unique Shapes & Silhouettes For Spring 2020

We love a classic form-fitting garment on our bodies sometimes but let’s be honest, it gets boring after a while. Welcome new shapes into your closet with puffy sleeves, knee-length skirts, high neck tops, and strapless dresses. Introducing new silhouettes into your wardrobe is a fantastic way of changing up your style while staying on-trend. These new shapes will be seen on all types of garments this Spring season, so get a head start while you can!

New Materials For The New Season

We aren’t playing around this season when it comes to fashion. Welcome the warm weather while rocking sheer organza and sleek leather materials all Spring long. You’ve seen it before, sheer dresses and gowns that expose some skin are the “it girls” for the time being and we aren’t mad. It’s very clear that leather is the runner up. Leather dresses and trench coats are perfect for those no-so-sunny days in the Spring for an extra layer of warmth while keeping you on the trend hotlist.

Pieces To Keep An Eye Out For This Spring

These specific pieces on the runways this season have entirely caught our attention. We have seen the three-piece suit everywhere and need to try it for ourselves. Suits on women are one of our ultimately favorite looks, but suits of vibrant colors and fun prints just hit differently and give us girl boss vibes. Another super trendy garment to look out for this Spring is the painter’s jumpsuit. This boyish jumpsuit paired with heels and a dainty purse leaves us feeling like luxurious businesswomen and we can’t get enough!

Prepare For Spring In Your Favorite Look

Spring is for the flowers to bloom and the birds to start chirping again. While mother nature does her thing, we can shop till we drop with these outrageously trendy pieces in mind. Rock what makes you feel good this upcoming Spring season and look back at our amazing tips for refreshing reminders. Subscribe to our blog for more fashion tips and styling tricks for any time of the year!