3 Winter Workwear Essentials

3 Winter Workwear Essentials

Every year when winter comes around, it may seem like it becomes more and more difficult to find the right things to wear.  The winter months are unforgiving with its’ below freezing temperatures and snow days, so one can never know what to expect as the weeks go on.

Dressing for work may be frustrating when it seems like there’s a choice to be made between style, comfort and warmth, depending on what the weather allows.  What does one shop for when trying to prepare for these cold and windy workdays, in and out of the office?  Here are a few workwear essentials that’ll help anyone get through these winter months!

 The Neutral Coat

The most important staple to look for when shopping for this winter is finding the perfect women’s neutral coat.  This coat is a great way to show that style, comfort and warmth can coexist together in one amazing piece.  Since its’ introduction into the fashion world, lots of variations of the neutral coat has come to life, making this coat a timeless must-have.

brushed knit coat

duchess wrap coat

There are also options for women who want to show their way with trends!  A 3-Button Car Coat with a simple plaid-pattern that mixes a nice range of neutrals together is a great piece for a cool business casual look.  Then, for those who want to achieve a more sophisticated look, a Faux Fur Collar Wrap jacket is the perfect choice.

car coat

faux fur collar wrap coat

The Ultimate Work Pants

Working in an office might mean working behind a desk all day or it might mean being out and about heading from meeting to meeting.  No one really wants to work all day in clothing that doesn’t feel comfortable.  The winter months mean your collect of cute and airy skirts for work get tucked away in the back of the closet and the best option that’s around is pants.  Nowadays, work pant styles are endless—from plaid pants, to jacquard patterns, dressy jogger styles or classic black pants, it’s easier to be creative with workwear outfits.

dressy jogger pants

jacquard knit skinny pants

cuffed check print pants

The Timeless Blazer

The one piece that will never go out of style in the workwear world is the women’s blazer.  Freezing in your office?  This is the one jacket that’ll help anyone stay warm and can still feel office-chic. The black blazer is essential for every woman, whether you work in an office or not. The blazer is great for layering looks together or just to add a touch of sophistication, this is the piece that does it all.

knit blazer

unlined knit blazer

knit corduroy blazer

Always remember that blazers, no matter what the style may be, are multi-purpose.  From office wear to a holiday party, the blazer is wearable to any place for any event, which is what makes the blazer an article worth investing in.

 A Time to Embrace Cooler Weather

No longer is winter a time to stress about what the weather permits someone to wear.  It is now the time to embrace all the different looks that can come out of having all the right essential parts.  The neutral coat keeps the office worker warm on their commute to and from work.  There’s no need to dread the super cold days since the many different styles of work pants allows for an endless combination of chic looks.  From the office to holiday events, the blazer is the ultimate jacket that can complete any look. This year don’t worry about sacrificing personal style in an effort to be comfortable and warm—these essential pieces will have you looking forward to winter every year!