5 Pieces Every Fashionista Needs For a Weekend Getaway

mesh bodysuit

5 Pieces Every Fashionista Needs For a Weekend Getaway

You have just planned the greatest weekend getaway for the end of the month and you are so looking forward to a nice little break! But with a getaway comes the arduous task of packing. Being a fashionista means you probably want to take everything in your closet with you; but since that’s not possible, try opting for items that you know you will use throughout the whole trip!

1.      Comfortable Leggings

When you travel, you always want to be comfortable. What better fashion piece than a pair of leggings. Leggings are not only comfortable, but they can be cute and stylish. Opt for a pair of patterned or colored leggings. You truly will have heads turning in the airport terminal.

animal print leggings

2.      Jeans Are a Must

No matter where you are going it’s a smart idea to bring a pair of jeans with you! Jeans are so versatile and can be paired with pretty much everything and anything. Opt for a dark pair of skinny jeans or if you are going somewhere tropical, you’ll want to choose a light wash with rips in them!

skinny jean

3.      Bodysuit Tops

Bodysuit tops are perfect for a weekend getaway because they can either be dressed up or dressed down. As an added perk, they can be used for various types of seasons. They pair well with jeans, they can go with skirts, and if you really want to lay low you can even pair them with sweats. Bodysuits also help display your curves because they are so form fitting.


4.      Pack a Jacket

No matter where you are heading towards you always want to pack a jacket with you. If you are going somewhere cold it’s ideal to pack a warm jacket such as a parka, a trench coat, or a hooded bomber jacket. If you are heading to a much warmer place the mornings and nights can be cool so you might want to pack light jackets such as a cardigan, a hoodie, or a leather jacket.

trench coat

5.      Grab a Pair of Sneakers

There is nothing better to pack than a pair of sneakers when you are traveling. Sneakers are great when you are on the plane. They are comfortable and are easy to take off and put back on. If your sneakers are a neutral light or dark color they will also pair well with the outfits you are taking with you. Choose from athletic sneakers or sneakers that are more dressy.


Get Ready For Your Weekend Getaway

Your weekend getaway is right around the corner! Remember to try to pack the items that you are actually going to wear. Be versatile with your style!  Mix and match everything! Don’t be afraid to play with style when you are away!