5 On-Trend Denim Styles To Rock

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5 On-Trend Denim Styles To Rock

Denim is the tried and true closet staple that never goes out of style. This year high fashion adores denim as much as we do. Here are some of the jean trends that have been spotted by fashion icons around the globe.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are on the rise. But skinny jeans are not synonymous with jeggings. When going for skinny jeans avoid the jegging. The structure of actual denim will allow for your jeans to do more for you in the long run.

Light Wash Denim

Gone are the days of wearing the same shades of blue in the same fit and style. Now women everywhere are purchasing multiple jeans in styles and shades to complete different outfits. Among the shades of blue to have in your closet a light wash is going to be a good investment. The pale blue will be perfect throughout winter and into spring and summer. This season light wash is trending already in several celebrity snapshots.

Grey Wash & Dark Denim

Blue jeans are not the only jeans to get your hands on. Dark-coloured pants and jeans are all the rage among fashion icons this season.

Grey washed jeans are a heavy hitter. Grey washed jeans in a boyfriend or mom jeans fit, fulfill the modern ‘80s fashion trend and leave you with some interest to shake things up. You can make a look more polished, edgier, or more fashion-forward with a pair of grey washed jeans.

It’s All About The Hemlines

This season hemlines answered the call for a more interesting jeans collection. Bell-bottoms are back in a big way. This time they’ve brought with them side slits to add a bit more flare. Split hemlines will showcase your favourite shoes the way they deserve without having to rely on a cropped hemline. Feathered and frayed edges are also on-trend this season. Each style offers a different look to serve whatever needs your chosen style calls for. Frayed hems add an edgy detail while feathered hems add a bit of fun to a look.

The demand for sustainability in fashion as brought about a new bread of jeans: the deconstructed jeans. Deconstructed jeans are repurposed vintage jeans compiled of two pairs of jeans sewn together. This Frankin-jean trend has brought about a trend of varying hemlines to add even more interest to a look.

Mid & Low-Rise Denim

High-rise jeans finally have some competition. While exploring different hemlines you may as well also have some fun with trying out different rises in your jeans. The return of low-rise jeans has some people over the moon and others on edge. The happy medium between the two is a mid-rise jean. The choice in this trend is completely up to what you feel looks best on you.

Straight Leg Denim

There is a war being waged for the top spot this season between skinny jeans and straight leg jeans. Boyfriend jeans seem to be the most on-trend straight leg fit and could not be more different from skinny jeans. They are classic foils to each other. Unfortunately for skinny jeans, it looks like the fan favourite among celebrities and Parisians is straight leg jeans.

Carpe Denim

The great part about this year’s denim trends is that there is a great deal of wiggle room that allows you to be comfortable in whatever you’re rocking.

You don’t have to go with a pair of jeans that make you feel terrible just because it’s on-trend. There’s so much variety to build a collection that is right for you.