A Celebration To All Our Leading Women

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A Celebration To All Our Leading Women

International Women’s Day: A day that aims to bring attention to women’s accomplishments and obstacles around the world. From women fighting to end child marriage in Africa, to women demanding equal pay, to women teaching other women to love their bodies regardless of shape, color or size, women are empowering women all over the world. However, for all the progress women have made, they are still a long way from true inequality.

Theme for International Women’s Day

Nine percent of U.S. couples in which the wife earned at least $30,000 more than her husband. This year’s theme is #BalanceforBetter, meant to promote a future in which both men and women are equal in professional status, media perception, the positions they hold in government and more. Gender balance is essential for economies and communities to thrive. Whether it’s men supporting their female coworkers or women pushing into the STEM field. STEM programs stress education in science, technology, engineering and math. On International Women’s Day, people usually share posts of themselves celebrating the women in their lives and showing how they are actively working to support women.

Socialized Ideas About Women

Some women will never be exposed to traditionally masculine careers because of socialized ideas about “men’s work” and “women’s work”. Even something as small as the images a company uses in its promotional materials can shape ideas about what work men and women are best suited to do. But for more women to get into these fields, they need to see more women doing the work. According to Hegewisch, program director on employment and earnings at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, many women justifiably fear joining occupations that involve solo work or night hours, both of which makes them vulnerable toward sexual harassment or predation.

Power of Role Models

When women join together to organize in unions and give their fellow female employees a voice, they can help to correct the unfair advantage men have when getting into the industry. Young women need to see confidence, leadership and accomplishment in other women in order to envision themselves with those qualities. Strong role models can be women who are older, skilled athletes, coaches, community leaders, successful business people, celebrities, politicians, religious leaders, confident peers or any strong woman whose presence will resonate with young women. So, when it comes to motivating young women, lead by example.

Breaking Stereotypes

The way women see themselves is a topic gaining traction all over the world. Women are teaching and preaching acceptance and self-love, giving women new confidence in themselves and who they authentically are, rather than trying fit into some mold society had set for them.