A Mom’s Guide to Mixing Colours

A Mom’s Guide to Mixing Colours

We know that being a mom is hard work. Between rousing cranky teenagers from sleep, packing lunches, keeping the house straight, paying the bills, and making sure everything’s ready in time for dinner, being a mom is a full-time job. The last thing you have time for is lining your closet with daring hues and chic new styles. But with a little bit of help, you can take time away from the chaos to make yourself look fabulous.

Fashion Style Guru is dedicated to helping you look your best for fall 2019’s fun and festive hues! From sunny pastels to traditional autumnal muted tones, read our guide to blending colours in your fall wardrobe.

Turquoise & Cream – A Wonderful Mix Of Colour To Any Outfit

People typically associate fall with muted colours, plaid, tartan. While those patterns and hues are certainly gorgeous in the right contexts, why not break away from the season’s conventions and try some brighter colours instead? Suzy Shier has countless options that will add a brilliant splash to your outfit. Try this gorgeous sleeveless blouse out in brilliant sea green or vibrant yellow.

knit cardigan

To ensure that your bold choice in colour doesn’t go too far, pair it with a women’s cream knit cardigan to stay comfy and look chic.

Take Calculated Risks With Bold Tops & Classic Monochrome Bottoms

Trying bold new colours and patterns for fall is all about taking calculated risks. This ensemble offers a perfect opportunity to experiment with new colours without going over-the-top.

knit sweater poncho

knit guacho pants

The unique and eye-catching pattern on the poncho is sure to stun and turn heads wherever you go, while the beige knit gaucho pants will match and flatter perfectly. Taken together, this outfit is a total knock out for fall.

Add A Splash Of Ocean Blue For An Irresistible Look

The ocean blue hue of this gorgeous flowy top is perfect for a variety of occasions. You can dress it up with a blazer and slacks for a gorgeous office look, or down with sneakers and jeans to while you’re rushing off to take the kids to practice.

knit guacho pants

pull on skinny jeans

Not only is the deep and dark colour of the top very appropriate for fall, but the fully lined silhouette and rounded neckline are flattering for ladies of all shapes and sizes. This ocean blue colour is great when paired with Suzy Shier’s women’s dark denim pants.

Black Button-Up With Your Favourite Pair Of Bottoms

This black long sleeve blouse is absolutely irresistible and a must-have this season. You can’t look at it without being reminded of crunchy piles of fallen leaves. Looking to kick the look up a notch without ruining the autumnal aesthetic? Try this button-up blouse with a hip pair of camo print jogger pants.


chiffon blouse

camo jogger pants

Tuck it into the elastic waistband, and let the look mold into your body. From the open collar to the jogger’s cinched leg, this blouse is a no-brainer and will make all your friends envy your undeniably hot style.