Activewear for the First Day of Gym Class


Activewear for the First Day of Gym Class

First impressions are key, and the first day of classes is a full 8 hours of meeting new teachers and potential new friends. Wardrobe is important, and dressing for gym class is no different. Much like regular fashion, activewear comes with its own set of ever-changing trends. Read on to learn how you can stay stylish while working out and keeping fabulous this year!

Jewel Tones are the New Black

Workout gear has long been shrouded in monochromatic dullness, but this past season has seen a rise in the use of color among designs. As we move into fall, rich colors are working their way into the mix. Try a deep plum matching set of ribbed joggers and a cropped sweatshirt for a quick and easy outfit that goes together in a snap. If mixing and matching is more your thing, throw some navy or deep red into your activewear options with a lightweight tank or faux fur cropped hoodie.

Make Your Outfit a Block Party

Color blocking started working its way back into fashion last year and now it’s exploded into one of this year’s favorite styles. With sharp lines and angles being so present in activewear, it’s now easier than ever to hop on this trend as you hit the gym. When it comes to color blocking, no color is off limits; so you can stick with the reserved vibe that the jewel tone trend brings to the table, or use this opportunity to introduce some primary colors into your activewear wardrobe.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add Some Layers

You may not immediately think to add hoodies and sweatshirts to your activewear wardrobe, but you’ll want the extra layers once you’re done sweating at the gym and have to step back out into the autumn chill, or when your class heads outside to do some laps around the track. You don’t need to sacrifice style when it comes to functionality though. There are tons of layering options open to you that still stay on trend. A zip-up sweatshirt can add some vibrant color to an otherwise simple outfit, or you can layer a solid hoodie or popover tank over a color blocked sports bra and leggings.

Stay Cool and Comfortable with Mesh Cut Outs

If you like the angles and lines that the color block trend brings to the table, but you’re not crazy about all the vibrancy, mesh details might be the route for you to take with your gym wardrobe. Mesh lets your clothing breathe while you workout, so you can stay comfortable and dry while still looking totally chic. Most common in leggings, cut outs have been appearing more along the shoulders and sleeves of t-shirts and sweatshirts so you have no shortage of trendy variety to choose from.

Don’t Forget About the Shoes

No good outfit is complete without the perfect shoes, and gym class attire is no exception. Pair your longer leggings with some low canvas sneakers, while more cropped bottoms can look great with a classic pair of high tops. For more subdued outfits, try adding just a touch of glitter.