Activewear Trends for Kids

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Activewear Trends for Kids

Time to get whipped into shape! In order to stay healthy and get active, your kid is going to need to be ready for anything. To do that, they need to have a comfy ensemble. Whether it’s for gym class, sports team practices and workouts, or walks with you, we the fashionistas at Urban Planet have all new active wear for your kid to run around in style!

Cozy Sweatshirts

Get ready for some early morning runs with a drawstring sweatshirt. This must have is perfect for practices that run into the cold November months and have your kid out on the field until the sun is low in the sky. This piece of active wear will keep you kids from looking sweaty, and will keep them nice and toasty when necessary. Too hot? Simply tie it around their waist. Go for one with a full zipper for easy removal, or no zipper for maximum warmth—your choice. There are also many different looks you can go for in regards to color. Wanna stay simple? Get a solid sweatshirt in your favorite color, just make sure it goes with your choice of leggings or sweats. Are you the more creative type? Tie-dye did not die out with the new millennium, and is still going strong and perfect for sweatshirts. Or, go for a pop culture quote, like “Good Vibes” or “Messy Hair, Don’t Care” to give a little attitude to the ensemble.

kids sweatshirt

kids sweatshirt

Breezy Tanks

Working out is hard, hot, and sweaty work. A tank top is perfect to layer underneath a sweatshirt, so that your kid can air out and cool off. There are so many different styles to choose from, you are bound to find something that you and your kid will love. Get a form-fitting tank that will not fall in their face during a handstand and will bear with them on a gymnastics course. Or go for the flowy tank top if your child isn’t into all of those flips and trips. Flowy tanks are perfect and airy for a day of running, pull-ups, or core exercises. Get one with a graphic pocket for a bit of added flair, but don’t have your kid put any valuables in there. That phone or cash will fall out of the loose but stylish breast pocket. Maybe go for tanks with phrases or words, like “Love” or “Believe” to be even more fashionable.

kids tank top

Girls Just Wanna Love Leggings

Leggings are a beautiful trend for all ages. They are comfortable and cozy, but also fashionable and fun. While they typically come in black, leggings can also have all sorts of fun flashes of color, such as bands of bright pink or blue, white stripes, or mystical patterns, like galaxy. The best kinds of leggings? The ones with pockets! Yes, some leggings have pockets now, perfect for your child to slip in your phone so that you always have a way to contact them. They’re easy, comfy, and stylish, what more could your little girl ask for?

kids legging

Shorts Aren’t Just for the Summer

Shorts, while they shouldn’t be worn outdoors during the winter, are great for gym days and summer drills. They’re also great for the early fall, helping your little one stay cool and breezy through some excruciating exercises. Drawstrings allow for the size to shift and change with your growing child, to an extent. Differing blocks of color call for a unique sense of style and really pop in any outfit. There are mesh shorts, fleece shorts, short shorts so many different types and styles for you and your little explorer to chose from that are in this sports season.

kids drawstring short

Classic T-Shirt

How can you go wrong? The classic graphic t-shirt is a staple for kids’ fashion, and can easily be worn when your child is running around and staying in shape. Get one with their favorite cartoon characters so that they can show their support for the fandom. Or keep it basic with a “Superior” or “Good Vibes” type. Perhaps a shirt based off of a sports jersey is more their style. T-shirts provide a great avenue for your kids to express themselves.

kids graphic t-shirt

boys graphic t-shirt

With these suggestions you and your little one are both ready for some action. Take them for a trip on the monkey bars, for a run around the park, or to practice with their local little league team. They’re gonna rock it and look fabulous doing it, all thanks to you.