Athleisure Pieces To Get You Through The Rest of The Summer

Athleisure Pieces To Get You Through The Rest of The Summer

We all know that summer is the time to look fit and try out the hottest new workout classes, luckily we have all the athleisure pieces you need to look your best while working toward your best body.

Sommer Ray High-Rise Leggings

Looking for the cutest leggings that you can wear straight out of your workout for the rest of the day? Look no further, the sommer ray high-rise leggings have you covered. Perfectly coloured to tie into the summer bright colour trend, you will look fabulous strutting around town in these leggings.


Printed Side Stripe Cropped Hoodie

Rainy summer days are the worst, but with the printed side stripe cropped hoodie you’ll be set to rock the rainiest of days. In four fabulous colours, these hoodies look great with your favorite pair of black athleisure leggings.

printed cropped hoodie

Sommer Ray Knit Sock Band Sneaker

Whether you’re going on a quick jog, or a walk around town with friends, the sommer ray knit sock band sneaker is perfect for all of your daily activities and can add a fun pop of colour to any athleisure outfit.

knit sock sneaker