Back to School Fashion for Busy Moms


Back to School Fashion for Busy Moms

That time of year is slowly approaching, when you’re prepping your kids for school. Just when you were getting used to things settling down – school pick-ups, carpool duty, coffee runs, and managing your own life schedule starts to creep back up again.  While you’re working hard to ensure your kids get the best of everything from back to school clothes to back to school supplies – don’t forget to treat yourself too. Here are a few versatile, back to school looks that will have you zipping all the way from school drops to PTA meetings to board meetings or anything else that comes your way.

Turtleneck Dress


Every fall no matter what new fashion trends that emerge, turtlenecks seem to sneak their way back into our wardrobe. A women’s turtleneck dress strikes the perfect balance between cozy and flirty, perfect for those cold mornings when you have school drop offs at 8am and a breakfast date at 9am. Now that you’re sold on this fall wardrobe option, pair it with over-the-knee boots or sneakers for a more casual look.

Camo Jogger Pants

camo jogger pant


These camo jogger pants are the perfect option for you moms who may be stay-at-home and need to run errands while your kids are in school. I’d pair these joggers with a white t-shirt, sneakers and throw on a denim jacket for days when it starts to get a bit chilly. What better way to do get all your day-to-day mom duties done than in a comfortable athleisure outfit?

Satin Button-Up Blouse

camo jogger pant

crepe ankle pant

This one is for all you moms who want to feel sexy after the kids have been dropped off school and you’re good to enjoy your day solo. It’s perfect for you moms who may have work right after school drop off or may have a PTA or board meeting to attend. Pair this blouse with black crepe ankle pants and a pair of pointy toed pumps.

Crew Neck Knit Sweater

crewneck sweater

bootcut denim pants

Women’s knit sweaters are the definition of style meets comfort. Knit sweaters are perfect for moms who are constantly in a hurry and don’t have enough time in the morning to pick out an outfit. Pair this crew neck knit sweater with bootcut denim pants and sneakers or pumps, depending on what your day is looking like.