Going Back to School in Athleisure

women activewear colour block mesh legging

Going Back to School in Athleisure

Athleisure is not just a trend anymore. It’s slowly becoming the new casual; it’s the ultimate combination of trendy and comfortable. Athletic wear was created for the specific use of sports and athletics, and athleisure clothing isn’t.  You can wear it on your gym class days at school, or on just any other regular day. Athleisure is just what you need for the days you’re running late to school and need be out the door.

Wearing Athleisure the Right Way

Athleisure is casual wear, but that doesn’t mean that head-to-toe tracksuits are exactly the go to.  You should make sure to combine your yoga leggings with a bomber jacket or a long trench coat over your sports top. Although neutral colors are always the go to for athleisure, bright colors and prints have become very common nowadays.

Shimmer and Sheer to Brighten Your Day

Don’t be afraid to look a little flashy in your activewear. Metallic and sheer isn’t only for family dinners and parties. What better way to go back to school than in style. Show your fellow classmates what a fashionable summer you’ve had by strutting the halls in sheer style. Whether it’s metallics in print or accents of metallic and sheer interplay to give you an edgy feel in gym class.

Never-Ending Pastel Rush through Gym Class

There is a rise in a pastel palette, activewear with blush hues, dusty blues, and beautiful lavender. It’s like you’re bringing a little piece of summer with you to gym class. Pastels and neutral are all the hype in activewear. Soft pastels of green, blue, teal, and neutrals that will be dominating your activewear wardrobe this year. Go to gym class in style!

Rise High in Comfortability and Style

High rise or high waist joggers provide you closed comfort and support and ease of movement. High rise leggings can be worn as conservative, or not, as you want. High waisted leggings keep everything nice and tucked in, but they’re figure flattering, slimming, and secure. This is perfect for those gym days where you’re running all over the place. You won’t have pull them up every few seconds into your mile run or after every burpee, or readjust the rolling, pinching waistband constantly.

Color Blocking You

Block print patterns are a trend that every student will not want to dress in this school year. These prints are in the shape of single or double stripes or bands at the arms or legs in contrasting candy colors to give the outfit a sport look. Try going for one clothing piece with block prints to highlight the patterns. Like an trend it’s important to not overdue this trend.