Back-To-School Outfits

Back-To-School Outfits

As summer winds down, the first day of school is quickly approaching. Although thoughts of early mornings, homework, and colder weather may not be the most exciting, there is one thing about the back-to-school season that never fails to have us wishing for fall: back-to-school shopping. Getting fresh new outfits for school can be fun, but also intimidating. It’s tough finding new clothes whether you want to try out a new style this year, catch up on this season’s latest trends, or find new pieces that will seamlessly blend into your existing wardrobe. Luckily, Urban Planet has a great selection of back-to-school pieces that are sure to make a statement this school year. Check out our choices for the perfect back-to-school look.

Fall Floral Dresses

floral mini dress

floral ruffle mini dress

For years floral prints have only been for spring and summer, but this fall the fashion rules are changing. We love fall floral printed dresses because they’re a way to hold onto summer, while you prepare for the colder months ahead. We love the fact that for fall, these printed dresses are in more muted and neutral prints because it puts a fall twist on the classic bright and colourful women’s floral dresses. You can wear a floral dress on its own or with a pair of sandals for the start of warmer weather. Later on, these dresses can take you well into those colder days with tights, leggings, boots and a denim jacket or sweater on top. Fall floral dresses are a back-to-school must-have this season!

Ladies Long Knit Sweater

knit longline cardigan

knit cowl neck sweater

Sweaters are an obvious fall closet staple, but long open cardigans are a fun twist on this classic. We love the slouchy, but sophisticated look that these sweaters convey.  They’re perfect to wear over any outfit as a way put a comfy autumnal spin on a look that is sure to keep you warm. Wearing a sleek black open cardigan over your work trousers and blouse will bring a touch of comfort to business chic work or school outfit. You can also throw on the same black cardigan over an athleisure outfit, or simple denim and tee look. The options are endless when it comes to styling this comfy and versatile closet staple.

Be Bold In A Beautiful Blazer

waterfall blazer


We know what your thinking, you thought this article was back to school, not back to work. Blazers aren’t the most common school staple, but you always need to dress for success. Defy social barriers with a blazer that shows everyone you mean business, and you also know how to stay stylish.  Urban Planet’s blazers aren’t your average blazers either.  They are chic, modern, and perfect for fall.  They’re especially good for days when you have important presentations or interviews. Now more than ever, blazers aren’t just for women with the typical 9-5-office gig. There are classically tailored options, and ones that look great printed, belted, or cascading, and you can pair all of them with jeans.

A Perfect Pair Of Palazzo Pants

crepe palazzo pant

Palazzo pants are the epitome of sophisticated comfort. These pants are so comfortable you’ll feel like you’re wearing pajamas, but they are sophisticated enough to wear out in public. They are perfect to throw on in the early morning and you’ll look trendy and put together all day. You can opt for a classic black or printed palazzo pant, a daring print, or coloured pair. They look best with cropped shirts or ones that have a firmer fit because the pants themselves are so loose and free-flowing. Flats or sandals look best with these pants because, although they are perfectly acceptable for the fall, they do give off beach vibes

Ladies Denim Overalls

distressed denim overall

Can you talk about a blast from the past! Denim overalls are all the rage right now, and for a good reason. They look super cute on any body type and are perfect for transitioning from summer to fall. You can pair them with pretty much any type of shoe that you want and they will look super cute. Denim overalls are the perfect back-to-school outfit because they are so easy to style.  It can be hard to put a lot of time and effort into school outfits, which is why overalls are an amazing choice. They are an outfit by themselves, is they don’t take much thought when it comes to matching and styling. Styles with synched waists are especially flattering, and overalls have many pockets, which means they are both functional and fashionable.

Elevate Your Back-To-School Style With Urban Planet

Get excited about the back-to-school season, or at least the new clothing aspect of it. Urban Planet takes the stress out of getting dressed with its massive collection of clothes that are perfect for school. With our suggestions on what new pieces to get for back-to-school, you’re guaranteed to look and feel amazing as you walk through the hallways. Give your closet the pick-me-up it needs to help you live your best life this school year!