Our Favorite Affordable Fashion Brands

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Our Favorite Affordable Fashion Brands

It seems that clothing is getting more and more expensive these days each time we scroll through websites and check price tags, and that’s because it’s true! Brands know they have a strong client base, and because they have the power to raise prices, they do. Say goodbye to overpriced fashion and hello to sustainable, comfortable, and ethically made clothing for the upcoming warm months. Leave it to Fashion Style Guru to inform you of the hottest, most affordable fashion brands on the market, and where you can get your hands on them!


Sustainability and ethical clothes-making is a huge issue in the world of fashion right now and Pact has put quite an impact on it. For a cost-conscious, sustainable, ethically-made, and affordable clothing company, Pact has really made a name for itself. They use only organic and fair trade materials in their work to create the all-time softest and cutest clothing available right now. There is no beating $25 t-shirts and $20 leggings in the fashion industry, and the fact that they are humanely-made and with love makes it all more the better. Affordable sustainability is the latest trend, and we are loving every minute of it!


If you have a minimalist yet modern fashion taste with a hint of chic, Everlane is your new go-to. You can’t go wrong with basic, affordable pieces to wear as every day looks like a super cozy t-shirt or some adorably detailed mom jeans. We love Everlane not only because of their fabulous options but also because of their transparency. They want their customers to know why their clothing is priced a certain way, what everything is made out of, and where the materials are sourced. They work only with ethical factories and put sustainability first when designing and choosing textiles. Don’t settle when it comes to your environmentally friendly clothing and get the best of both worlds with Everlane!


Get minimal yet contemporary clothing at your fingertips with Uniqlo. Uniqlo is a trendy, fashion-forward, affordable clothing brand that you can get in your local shopping mall. With a huge collection of t-shirts, sweaters, and much more, Uniqlo steals the show when it comes to modern, affordable fashion. Pro tip: keep an eye out for Uniqlo collabs because sometimes they will join focus with top fashion designers to create a limited, price-friendly exclusive piece. Get everything you need for all occasions at Uniqlo!

Affordable Fashion? Say No More

Join the club and take back your power (and cash) with affordable shopping ASAP. We all have a sweet spot for designer pieces however, we still need basics to rock with everyday outfits during a regular week. Push your expensive taste to the side for a moment and welcome in the trendy affordable clothing for the new season. From casual to formalwear, these affordable and sustainable fashion companies have your back in the fashion department and want to dress you for your next outing! Subscribe to the Fashion Style Guru blog and catch up on our latest clothing hacks, Spring trends, and fashion news for the new season.