Your Black Friday Shopping List

Cable Knit Mock Neck Sweater

Your Black Friday Shopping List

Black Friday is almost upon us. When put that way it sounds horrifying and brings about the memories of horror stories of Black Fridays past. Maybe it’s the wide-eyed remembrances of that friend or family member that worked a Black Friday at a local shopping center, or the news stories of people getting trampled at the door that make you shudder at the very mention of Black Friday. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This is your chance to get ahead on Christmas shopping. This year Christmas it’s under a month away from Black Friday.

You have the whole weekend to scour the shops and the Internet for deals. You can even treat yourself and stock up on pieces with design inspiration plucked straight from the runway. Whatever you chose, this article is all about the pieces you’ll need to stay warm this winter.

Must-Have Outerwear

This winter is predicted in both the US and Canada by the Old Farmer’s almanac to be a brutal one, meaning a good collection of coats is essential. This year the trench coat silhouette is the go-to piece for looking polished yet current. A faux fur detail is a great way to tie in another runway-approved look.

In addition to a suitable trench, the impending weather will warrant a good puffer coat. Again opt for the faux fur or go metallic.

Essential Sweaters

Sweaters are a winter must no matter the climate prediction or the runway statement. However, this year thanks to the runway’s obsession with knitwear there is an even bigger reason to stock up on sweaters in all shapes and sizes. Not only are sweaters a good pick for yourself this Black Friday, but you can also gift them to all of your loved ones this year.

The Best Blazers

This year is en vogue to look polished and preppy. Blazers are going to be your best friend when it comes to achieving this look. They’re also going to help you stay warm in the bleak midwinter. If you’re thinking ahead far enough, a tartan blazer will be the perfect addition to a holiday party outfit. Whether for fun or for a work function, blazers are a must-have in any working woman’s closet.

The Little Black Dress

Following the quest to put together your holiday party outfits this Black Friday, try a classic black dress. It will pair well with a printed blazer and remain a constant staple in your wardrobe. It’s well worth the money. The LBD, as it is lovingly referred to, is here to stay. Its reign as one of the most popular basics is almost one hundred years long.

Black Friday Shopping Made Easy

Black Friday has a history is rich as the little black dress. Almost 60 years in the making it earned its reputation as one of the most chaotic times of the year. Going into the weekend with a game plan is the best way to take advantage of deals, and keep you from spending more than you want to. Hopefully, this shopping list eases the stress of the weekend and allows you to get the most of the deals offered.