Blazers Aren’t Just For The Office


Blazers Aren’t Just For The Office

Did you know that blazers and suits were originally only for men? Believe it or not, if a woman back in the ’60s was wearing a suit jacket in a public area, employees would probably ask her to leave. Crazy, right? Thankfully, things have changed and now women can wear whatever they please, even a blazer.
Nowadays blazers can be worn as formal wear or casual wear and we’re here for that. Whatever the occasion, a suit jacket seems to fit the description. At Fashion Style Guru, we’ve come up with a bunch of ways you can style blazers. Check out the list for some incredible style inspiration.

Act Up In An Oversized Blazer

So, you know how suits are supposed to be perfectly tailored to your body? Well, we want the opposite in this case. Oversized blazers have officially taken over street style in the past few years and it was probably the best thing that has ever happened. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly is for most millennials these days, including celebrities. Throwing an oversized blazer on top of jeans and a t-shirt totally transforms a look from basic to baddie in seconds. Who doesn’t want to look rough and tough once in a while? Another fun way to style an oversized blazer is to pair them with biker shorts. Mixing different types of clothing such as office wear and athletic wear is a great strategy if you’re looking to change up your style.

The Bangin’ Blazer Dress

Now, this type of blazer has us shook because of how cute it is. Blazer dresses are an incredible choice for events or parties. They are so easy to dress up or down and the best part is that they look incredible on everyone. You could either buy a blazer that is specifically meant to be worn as a dress, or you can grab one of your oversized blazers and wear that as a dress. If you’re feeling flirty, rock a pair of heels and a high ponytail and if you’re feeling edgy, throw on a pair of platform boots and some heavy jewelry. If you aren’t convinced just yet about the blazer dress, try wrapping a belt around your waist for some hip definition and give that a spin. The possibilities for this garment are endless.

Take Back Your Power In A Pantsuit

Finally, a classic look you could never go wrong with: the pantsuit. You can do so much with this simple look like wear the blazer buttoned and have a lacey bra peeking through, or go with a more tailored fit to show off your curves. Why do we love pantsuits? Because they resemble power and you won’t want to mess with a woman rocking this fabulous piece. Another amazing thing about pantsuits is that they can be worn by a woman of any age and always look fierce. You can break all the rules in a blazer this year, your secret will be safe with us.

Sorry Boys, It’s A Woman Thing Now

Step aside boys, blazers are now a woman’s article of clothing and no, you can’t have it back. Ladies, once you get your chance to play around with different styles of blazers, you will find your signature look and rock it. No matter which style you decide on, or if you don’t even wear a blazer at all, just remember that you have the power to choose what you want to wear and no one can take that from you. Go ahead and strut the streets in what makes you feel confident. Check out Urban Planet for the latest trending styles and amazing choices for blazers. Oh, and don’t forget to remind the boys that it’s our look now!