Line Your Closet With These Holiday Dresses

Geometric Glitter Knit Sheath Dress

Line Your Closet With These Holiday Dresses

The holiday season is finally upon us! This means everyone is dressing up and looking their best as we pass along gifts and spend time with the people who mean the most to us. No wonder they call it the most wonderful time of the year! Of course, with every special holiday, comes that very special dress. Whether you’re going to a work party, a high scale dinner party or a casual celebration for the holidays, Suzy Shier has all the options all for affordable prices!

The Fancy Sophisticated Dress

While fancy party dresses have high-end looks, they don’t have to have high-end costs! These dresses are perfect for every upscale dinner party this season because there isn’t just one style to choose from, there are different designs to meet your needs. These dresses go for the exact look you’re trying to show off – whether you want lace material, floral print, or figure-flattering silhouettes; the options are at your fingertips. These designs are great for the occasion because they give off a modest yet fierce outtake. To even further the look, including a shawl adds a level of sophistication to complete your dinner party style.

It’s a no brainer! Purchase the right dress for a reasonable price and look sophisticated rocking a simple yet elegant dress!

The Work Party Dress

The annual holiday office party is coming up! Time to wear something other than slacks and a blouse. The diverse line up of dresses will combine style and business for the perfect office party look. Choose from A-line dresses, sheath dresses, or dresses with decorative sashes. Even more importantly, these dresses all pair up with those cute and classic office sweaters every 9-5 woman owns. These styles fit the work party crowd because it screams “Business in the front and party in the back!” which is really what office parties are all about.

It’s time to elevate your workwear for the holiday office party! Go business or go home… but add in some style and flair to it too!

The Casual Knit-Sweater Dress

These knit-sweater dresses are undoubtedly the best thing you could wear to your family’s holiday get together. The look is casual yet appropriate for dressing up a bit for holiday festivities. Since you’re going for a casual look, pairing your outfit with another casual article such as a scarf or cardigan leaves you cozy and comfortable while still enhancing your look.

This dress is sort of like a mix between sweater weather and urbanity. This is the style where you look your best and feel your best because you’re just wrapped up in warmth and comfort!

Dress Up & Save Money This Year

Shop smart this holiday season! You don’t have to break the bank to rock the best looks for any and every holiday event. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year (to dress shop)!