Different Ways of Wearing a Scarf in Your Hair


Different Ways of Wearing a Scarf in Your Hair

Proven by many bloggers and celebrities, a scarf can be worn as a top, bag, and more. But by now I’m sure you’ve noticed all of your faves are overflowing our feeds with headscarves. This is a trend you won’t want to miss out on. Scarves in all kinds of prints – classic Versace prints, floral prints, paisley and more. Below are the different ways you could wear a scarf in your hair.

The Bow Tie

Reach for a long, skinny scarf and wrap it around a low ponytail. You can slip the scarf through an elastic hair tie, do up your pony securing the scarf at the center back, then wrap your scarf into a bow at the top.

bow tie

bow tie

Bandana Tie

Go for an oversized square scarf, fold it diagonally in half, and tie it over your hair tucking the center corner inside. This will be giving you Lizzie McGuire vibes anywhere you go.


Modern Wraps

Try using an oversized scarf with a chic print. Start by gathering your into a topknot. Place the headwrap at the back of your head, making sure the fabric is lowered to the nape of your neck. Then, pull ends towards the front. Tie the wrap into a knot at the center. Fold the fabric until it creates an oversized bow. Last but not least, hide the ends of the wrap by tucking them into bow flaps.

modern wrap

modern wraps

Under Chin

Fold an oversized square scarf in half, place it loosely over your head, then knot it under your chin and you’re good to go. Wear your all black sunglasses and you’ve got that Old Hollywood look down.

under chin

under chin scarf

Oversized Bow

Try using a larger, knit rectangle scarf for this look. Wrap it around your head, then tie a large bow in the front. Go for a bright, solid scarf instead a printed one.

oversized bow

oversized bow