Don’t Miss Out On These End-Of-Summer Outfit Essentials

Don’t Miss Out On These End-Of-Summer Outfit Essentials

Although it stills feels like it just started, summer is winding down. Despite this harsh reality, there is still plenty of time to rock some summer styles before we have to take our winter coats out of storage. Urban Planet always offers amazing summer pieces at affordable prices, making now the perfect time to stock up on your favourite styles and looks that you have been eyeing all summer long. Here are some of our picks of end-of-summer essentials,

Bathing Suits Are Always a Must-Have


You can’t do summer without having a sensational swimsuit in your clothing arsenal.  You may have had your fair share of time in a two-piece bathing suit this summer, but that means it’s time for a fresh one to finish off the season and have ready for next year. Urban Planet has some amazing deals on bathing suits that you need to take advantage of right now. You can get stunning bathing suits for as little as $5! Urban Planet is body inclusive, and we offer styles and sizes that make any girl look stunning. You can opt for a bikini, one-piece, or even block cutouts that are a combo of the two! Don’t forget to snag a kimono cover-up and cool pair of sunglasses at amazing prices to complete your end-of-the-summer look!

Maxi Dresses You Can Rock Any Season

Maxi dresses have been a summer closet staple for as long as we can remember, but you can also wear them well into the fall. If you swap your sandals for booties and your sunglasses for a denim jacket or soft cardigan, you have an autumn-approved look that will keep you warm and stylish for the weeks to come. Since we consider maxi dresses a summer essential, many of them are currently at great prices! That means that you can try out so many different ways to wear maxi dresses as the summer comes to an end! Head over to Urban Planet now so you can take advantage of this amazing deal and pick up a couple of these end-of-the-summer essentials.

Cardigans To Keep You Comfy

longline cardigan

Although it may not always seem like it, cardigans are an end-of-the-summer must-have. First off, women’s cardigans are perfect for the summer because they add a relaxed look to your outfit and can come in handy for unexpectedly chilly days. Days that are a little colder than expected become more and more frequent as the seasons begin to change, making cardigans more and more essential. This logline cardigan from Urban Planet is the perfect complement to any dress. You can wear it with a mini or maxi, and the soft light fabric is perfect for transitional months. This amazing sweater comes in a variety of colours, so there is one to go with every outfit you wear. Look stylish and feel comfortable during the end-of-summer season with amazing cardigans from Urban Planet.

Eye-Catching Jumpsuits and Rompers

long sleeve jumpsuit

Is there such as thing as too many jumpsuits? We don’t think so. They are the perfect outfit to wear to any occasion. You can wear a jumpsuit anywhere from the office, to a night out, to your friend’s house on a chill Sunday afternoon. Urban Planet offers a huge variety of jumpsuits and rompers, so you’re sure to find one that you love.   As the seasons change, we’re noticing that snakeskin is becoming more on-trend. This romper is the perfect way to get ahead of the trend and be the most stylish girl in your friend group.

Distressed Denim For Any Look

Distressed denim is an end-of-summer outfit must-have. You can wear distressed denim in so many ways, and it will always look cool and effortless. We love to rock distressed denim in the form of mini skirts, boyfriend jeans, or even overalls. All of these looks are super versatile, so you will be able to wear them in so many different ways during the upcoming months. A distressed denim mini skirt, band tee, and an oversized cardigan is a great look for the warm days of August and September, but as the weather changes, distressed jeans with the same top and cardigan are a safe bet! Stock up on all of your favourite distressed denim looks from Urban Planet today!

You no longer have to fear the end of summer thanks to Urban Planet and their outstanding selection of end-of-summer essentials. There are so many fun styles of clothing to wear during the transitional end of seasons. The best part is that you can get these styles for amazing prices. Check out Urban Planet for great deals on all your end-of-the-summer essentials!