Easy Summer Hairstyles

Easy Summer Hairstyles

Easy Summer Hairstyles

Styling hair in the summertime can be tricky due to the heat and humidity, but we’ve got you covered with the easiest hairstyles for this summer season! We are constantly on-the-go in the summer, so we typically don’t want to spend more than five minutes on our hair, right ladies?! This season, we’re bringing back some of the hottest summer hairstyles that might sound familiar from previous decades and we are thrilled to have them back.

Claw Clips Are Back & Better Than Ever

Claw clips were such a hit back in the ‘90s. If you’re looking for a taste of nostalgia, then we have some great news! They are back 30 years later and we can’t get enough of them. Claw clips make styling hair in the summer a breeze. Take your favorite claw clip and twist the hair up to the back of your head, clip it, and you’re done! (Yes ladies, it really is that easy.) These clips come in all different colors and sizes. If you have long hair or short hair, there is a claw clip for you! Since these clips made a triumphant return due to popular demand, you can find them pretty much anywhere. Buy them in bulk on Amazon, or in the accessories section at Target! The great thing about this hairstyle is that it takes less than a minute to do. If you and your girls make some last-minute beach plans, throw on your claw clip and your favorite sunnies for a chic summer look.

Bad Hair Day?

Our hair has a mind of its own in this summer heat, so sometimes it’s hard to style. Naturally curly hair, wavy hair, and even straight hair struggle in the humid air. One of our favorite ways to style our summer hair is by throwing on a cute hat. Some of our favorites for the summer are the classic baseball cap and the bucket hat. Baseball caps come in a wide variety of colors, but you could also rep your school or your favorite sports team! Bucket hats have also been trendy for a while. These hats are so fun and complement pretty much any summer outfit, such as maxi dresses, denim shorts, tanks, or even your alluring swimsuit. We’re obsessed with tie-dye bucket hats this summer to throw on at the beach or just a day out in the sun. Both styles of hats are great because they require no styling of the hair! Bad hair day? Not a problem for us, throw on your trendy hat for an effortless summer daytime look.

Hairstyles for When You’re Feeling Extra

It’s not all the time we want to take out our curling iron in the summertime; but for this hairstyle, it’s an exception. Tousled beach hair, which is just a more natural, messy way to curl your hair is in for the summer season and is so easy to achieve. Take your thicker curling wand and begin curling sections of your hair to give it some beachy, tousled waves. After you do this to your whole head, brush it out lightly with your fingertips to get a more natural look. If you want to take this hairstyle up a notch, go in with your favorite texturizing spray to retain volume in the hair. This easy hairstyle might take you more than 5 minutes; but for special occasions, it is so worth the time and effort! Wear this tousled beach hairstyle for a dinner date or just when you’re feeling like doing something extra! Make it look like you just hopped out of the ocean with these cute, natural, beachy waves!

Effortlessly Chic Summer Hairstyles

Ladies, we know you don’t want to be wasting time doing your hair, just for it to be frizzed and ruined by the summer heat and humidity. Luckily for you, these easy, summer hairstyles all take 20 minutes or less! Don’t sacrifice cute, trendy hairstyles because of the summer weather. Make a chic statement this summer by throwing on your claw clips, hats, or rocking the beachy waves.