Business Casual Looks to Wear Back in The Office

Business Casual Looks to Wear Back in The Office

Our working from home outfits these past couple months have been nothing but comfortable. Sweatpants, hoodies, and baggy t-shirts have been our essential home office clothing pieces. Although we love loungewear, we can’t wait to return to the office and show the world our true style. Since quarantine started, we’ve been planning the looks we’re going to wear on our first day back into the real world. Business casual doesn’t have to be basic; but don’t worry, we have so many style tips to elevate your office looks! We can’t wait to get back to work and finally rock our chicest outfits.

Suit Up for These Office Looks

As much as we love a good pantsuit, we definitely don’t like sweating on our walk to work in the 80-degree heat. That’s why we’ve opted for the latest short suit and matching blazer trend. Short suits are chic, fashionable, and professional enough to wear to work. Short suits are perfect for your summer work commute on the subway because they are breathable and so adorable. There are plenty of short suit variations grabbing our attention, like vintage, classy, patterned, and casual. There is a short suit out there for you regardless of your career or industry. Something about wearing a matching set makes us feel so put together and stylish. For instance, we found some of our favorite short suits at Zara at an affordable price. Style your short suit with your favorite pair of pumps for a chic business look.

We can’t forget about another timeless classic; the pantsuit. For any lady living under a rock, pantsuits are must-have pieces for women in their business wardrobe. They look professional, they come in many different patterns like plaid and colors beige and army green, you can’t go wrong with a pantsuit look for work. Pantsuits give women an excellent alternative to dresses. If the girly dresses aren’t for you, the sophisticated pantsuit look is such a great way to dress up your office look. Brands like Calvin Klein and Nine West have some of the trendiest pantsuits that you can flaunt at your next board meeting!

Last, but certainly not least, we’re obsessed with skirt suits. Skirt suits are classy, beautiful, and sophisticated business formal looks. Express boasts a collection of affordable pencil and work skirt options for your everyday business looks. Look professional and fashionable the next time you rock a skirt suit.

Dress Up Your Business Looks

Business dresses will never go out of style. Women can’t go wrong with wearing a dress to work because it provides comfort and versatility. Business dresses should fit well without being overly tight. To keep the look appropriate, it’s best if the dress length hits at the knees or below. Dresses are also great pieces for spring and summer because they won’t suffocate you or make you too hot on the warmer days. Business dresses are perfect options for those mornings when you’re running late and don’t have time to pick out a whole outfit. Throw on that classy dress with some pointed toe flats or pumps and your outfit is complete! Some brands to shop for simple and affordable work dresses include Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and Express.

From Lounging at Home to Office Chic

Business wear doesn’t have to be boring! Surprise your coworkers with a brand-new wardrobe! Our future office outfits are meant to be classy, cute, and comfy! We’re so excited to get back to work and get out of our loungewear- at least for now. Jazz up your business looks by incorporating color and patterns to make you stand out from the rest. Put on some earrings and heels and rock your office chic look!