Fall 2018 Fashion Trends to Shop For Now

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends to Shop For Now

The cool breezy fall months are here meaning that new trends are about to emerge into stores. Many ask every year what will be the unique trends coming out for this year. Below you will find some trends that you must include into your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Animal Print

What? You guessed it animal print is making a huge comeback this fall season, but surprisingly it isn’t your typical cheetah or leopard print. This fall it’s all about the snakeskin, zebra, and tiger print. Whether it’s pants, a shirt, or a jacket form animal print is what’s in. Go ahead take a huge fashion risk and rock that snakeskin print to work or school. You will bound to have heads turning.

animal print jacket

animal print skirt

80’s Western Style

This fall we are taking it back to the 80’s to the western times. Fringe shirts, and cowboy boots are making its way into the fall. If you are a bit skeptical about wearing these sort of items start of by sporting some cute western booties, or a cowboy inspired belt. Once you feel more comfortable go ahead and sport those cowboy boots during pumpkin picking season.

western style fringe shirt

Bold Is In

Usually when the weather gets cooler outside we tend to go for those soft neutral colors. Not this autumn. This autumn its all the opposite. It is all about those bright bold hues. Bold neon colors are here to stay. Whether it’s a fuchsia top your rocking with some skinny jeans or bright pair of red pants to pair with your simple white tee just know that you will look stylish.

bright orange coat

neon sweater

Plaid Is Back

Plaid is just one of those styles that never seems to go away. This year it’s all about mixing your plaids. Yes that’s right go crazy and throw out all those rules you heard about plaid. Whether it’s with solid colors or bold colors the more you mix the better. So throw all the rules of plaid that you thought you knew away.

plaid overalls

plaid pants

Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are an item you wouldn’t think about trending, especially not in the fall. Hiking boots are making their way down the fall runway and everyone is watching. You can pair these hiking boots with a simple tee and some cute denim jeans or you can be a little more risky and pair them with a cute simple dress or skirt. Overall these hiking boots can go with any outfit so go ahead and take the risk.