Fall Makeup Trends

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Fall Makeup Trends

Girls have many different reasons for wearing makeup and impressing the boys isn’t one of them. Girls mainly put on makeup for themselves, it gives them that extra confidence boost they need once in a while. AND there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Makeup is an art and a way to be expressive. This fall includes so many gorgeous new beauty trends you may want to try.

Rosy Glow

Make your cheeks pop this fall by adding a touch of extra blush.

rosy blush makeup

Halfway Eyeliner

Black liner all the way around the eye can have quite an effect. A few centimeters of a pale pearlescent liner of the top and bottom lids can make your eyes open up in a very unique way.

Brown Lips

It’s not a surprise that shades of brown are a must for this fall.

brown lipstick

Blue Eyeliner

Switch it up and instead of black eyeliner – go for a blue eyeliner and even shadow. Blend a thin line of blue above your regular black on top of lids or wear a sheer wash of slate up to your crease only.

Tinted Eyebrows

Get your hands on brow stains to get bolder, more defined brows. Temporary brow tints deepen the color of your arches to enhance their shape, with the effects lasting up to a few days.

Orange Eyeshadow

Try an orange shade that leans towards a little brown. This is a beauty trend that looks gorgeous on a multitude of skin tones.

orange eyeshadow

Cat Eyeliner

This is a trend that may never go out of style. Try winging it out about half an inch for a dramatic winged liner. Trace the outline of the wing first, and then fill it in. Or use a small makeup sponge applicator as a stamp to create the shape.

Bold Red Lips

Go for a dark shade of red, choose a matte finish.

Mauve Everything

Mauve is very flattering on a variety of skin tones. You can wear it on your lips, cheeks, and all eyes at once. Mauve is perfect for the fall, a bit more dramatic than summery colors, but not as deep as fall tones.

mauve makeup

Feathery Lashes

False lashes on top of your lash line make your eyes look larger and more awake.

No More Liquid Lipstick

Lipstick bullets are back.


Try going for a coppery shimmer all around your upper and lower lids. You can wear metallic subtly by swiping a clear lip gloss shot-through with holographic shimmer over your favorite lipstick. Or go bold by choosing a frosted or glittery lipstick in an unusual shade.

metallic makeup

Two-Tone Lips

This trend looks best with a stain for a more natural look. Go for a darker color on your bottom lip and a lighter color on your top lip.


Use a warm bronzer as a shade of blush for a more modern look.

bronzer blush

Bold Lips and Cheeks

Dark lips and rosy cheeks are a fresh take.

Casual Red Lips

Make red lips the focus in your makeup look. Go for very natural makeup and a pop of red lipstick.

red lipstick

Smoky Eyes with Jewel Tones

Try going for a smoky eye, but with jewel tones like blue, emerald, and indigo to bring out your eyes.

Lightly Highlighted Skin

Highlighting has definitely been the go to for emphasizing the points of your face where the light hits. Try applying some to your cheekbones, and brow arches to give your skin a naturally gorgeous finish.

highlighted skin

Glossy Lips

This is a classic! AND it’s back in style.