Fashion Items to Wear on Halloween


Fashion Items to Wear on Halloween

It’s that spooky time of year again. The nights are getting cooler, neighbors are putting up their decorations, and children are haunting the stores trying to find the perfect costume for Halloween. But if you’re a little older and still want to enjoy Halloween but find yourself on a budget, here are some items you can wear without breaking the bank.

Simple Black Tees

Depending on who you ask, many agree that the most classic Halloween costume of all time is the cat. If you go to a Halloween party, chances are you’ll find a girl dressed up as a cat. This costume is easy to make. All you have to do is get a simple, black t-shirt along with a pair of black leggings, and some black booties or sneakers. If you want to be an extra stylish, go for black heels or knee-high boots. Now you can head out to find a pair of inexpensive cat whiskers. Finally, add a cute little nose with some black eyeliner and you are good to go. It’s a fun and simple look that’s also super affordable.

black t-shirt

cat ears

Oversized Black Sunglasses

Do you have a pair of oversized sunglasses? If not you can find them pretty much anywhere without breaking your budget. What can you do with these sunglasses? You can dress up as the famous fashion icon Anna Wintour. Find a pair of black, oversized sunglasses, a big chic coat, and a stylish midi dress and you’ll be right out of The Devil Wears Prada. Those oversized black sunglasses will be turning heads all night.

anna wintour costume


Blazers, Blazers

If you haven’t seen the movie Clueless, well you should! This movie is an all-time classic, and the main character Cher Horowitz is a prime fashion icon. If you want to be extra girly this Halloween, grab a black blazer with a plaid skirt and some heels … and Bam! — you are Cher. This look is fairly simple but you’ll look very glam and stylish this Halloween. “As If” as Cher would say!

plaid skirt

plaid blazer

Collared Dresses

Collared dresses are not something you wear on a daily basis … but Halloween doesn’t take place just everyday. Why not get a collared dress and become the classic Wednesday Adams this year! All you have to do is get a collared dress of any color, put your hair in pigtails, and channel your inner mean girl face. Here’s Wednesday Adams, everyone!

collard dress

Red Flats

Classic red flats can be the perfect fashion item to dress up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Once again, you don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money. Get a pair of bright-red flats, a blue simple dress, some pigtails … and you are officially Dorothy. We have a feeling you won’t be in Kansas anymore!

red flats

blue dress

Be Fashionable This Halloween

Halloween gives you a chance to be creative. Look around your closet, go to the store and pick up a pair of flats, or a blazer, and Google some Halloween ideas. Remember, Halloween is all about having fun. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to dress up. And just remember to have fun and stay safe!