Prepare For These Fashion-Forward Trends In 2020

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Prepare For These Fashion-Forward Trends In 2020

We know it’s too early to think of spring but fashion is always moving forward, just ask Edna Mode. This list of trends will allow you to partake in trends from the runway before they become common knowledge.

Puff Sleeves

If you had your eye on the runways earlier this year puffed sleeves were a big deal for fall and winter 2019 and are on track to stick around for spring and summer, so we think it’s safe to invest in some puffy sleeves worth of Queen Victoria herself.


Workwear was a heavy hitter for fall and winter and is another trend that appears to be carrying over into the New Year. Many monochromatic suits in bold colours hit the runway this year, so why not follow suit in the upcoming year.


Though bold colours are going to be all the rage in the coming year, beige was a clear winner on the runway. Though you may want to leave plenty of room for the other runway favourites that strike you interest like green, marigold, orange, and pink. We’re ever so excited to show our true colours in the coming season, but if you’re into a more sure investment, then neutrals are a timeless classic and we’re glad it’s now considered high fashion.


On the cusp of the new decade, it’s no surprise that we took some inspiration from the fabulous 1920s. Fringe dazzled the runways during fashion week. Fringe will add movement and body to a look. Feel free to go with a fringed party dress for New Year’s Eve to get ahead of the curve with a dress that will dance with you.

Sheer Fabric

Another trend from the runway was sheer fabric. This authentic 1920s trend is back and better than ever. More importantly, we think it’ll be one of the top fashion trends this spring.

When paired with the draping trend the sheer fabric will create romantic looks that we are so excited to rock in spring.

Big Bows

The 1920s also brought us one of fashion’s most beloved icons Minnie Mouse. She’d certainly be over the moon to see the statement bows that were all over the runway during fashion week. A classic, girly dream, we cannot wait to see more wearable versions of this trend in the coming year.

Bra Tops

Though most of the trends on the runways consisted of an excess of fabric, bras for tops also graced the runway. In the warmer months, we’re certain this will become all the rage. It will help you beat the heat and look good doing it.