First Day of School Outfit Ideas for Kids

First Day of School Outfit Ideas for Kids

Summer, as always, went by way too quickly, and now you have to be prepared to head back into the halls of your high school. You have your backpack, your pencils, pens, notebooks, everything of importance is packed and ready to go come morning. But wait! What are you going to wear? You want to have a great look to start a fresh new year. We, the fashionistas at Urban Planet, have some crafty ideas for you to bring together in an outfit that suits your style, and will start off the school year right.

Be bold

Start off the school year with a bang as you take some risks with colors and patterns that are normally off the grid, but are sure to wow the crowd. A brightly colored animal print jacket will spice up a pair of jeans and go well with a white tank top. A blindingly bright blazer is a funky take on the classic style from the business world, and will go with your favorite jeans and solid top. Printed pants will add some pop to your wardrobe from a typically different piece. Pair them with a simple solid t-shirt so that it stands out, or clash some patterns with a top that can stand on its own. Bring in a statement belt to add even more depth to the ensemble.

Classy yet Preppy

You don’t have to be the teacher’s pet to go for these hot styles. Try for a solid button down shirt for the classic schoolgirl look. Pair it with a pleated plaid skirt to add some patterns to the mix. Bring on the layers with a loose gray sweater and pull it on over your button down to keep you cozy. We recommend going for the knee high socks with a pair of high boots to finish off the look.

Down with Denim

Denim is all the rage, and wearing denim on denim is no longer a crime against fashion. For an easy but stylish look, grab your jean jacket and slide it on to match or clash with your jean pants or skirt. Different hues are an easy way to bring in something new without a large amount of effort. Want to get funky? Try patchwork denim for a truly unique mix and match look. The seventies are back, and it’s time to embrace the denim like you’re partying at Woodstock rather than sitting in Homeroom.


Your backpack is a part of your daily outfit, believe it or not! Think about it—your backpack is basically a purse for your books, and purses are typically considered a part of your ensemble. You need a backpack that suits your style and will go with just about every outfit your wear. White goes with everything, but white backpacks will get dirty faster than you can say teacher’s pet. Go bold and turn up the colors with patterns that span the rainbow. If you are planning on keeping it clean, maybe go for a chic nude or a light gray. Most important: make sure it is sturdy enough for all of those books and won’t break, and that it supports your back; you’ll be bringing that thing everywhere.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Throw on some long chain necklaces for extra layers for just about any ensemble. Some chunky rings are perfect for syllabus day, as you really won’t have to write down much. Bring in the last winds of summer with a pair of chic aviator sunglasses. Feeling sporty? Don your favorite baseball cap to add some character to your look. If your outfit feels a little bland, grab an infinity scarf to bring on the personality. Stud earrings are a staple, but dare to be different with chunky strands and oversized hoops. Finally, complete the outfit with a lavish and stylish watch.

When choosing your first day of school outfit, you want to be comfortable, but also fashionable, while representing who you are and your identity to your peers. Sounds like a lot of work, but with these suggestions you are bound to rock their socks off as you strut down the hall to your next class. Have faith in yourself, and take deep breaths.