Closet Essentials: A Guide To Functionality

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Closet Essentials: A Guide To Functionality

Our closets are a sacred space. For many of us, it’s the area in our home that defines who we are and brings to life elements in our personality that would otherwise go unnoticed. No matter how big or small, our favorite items seem to get lost, making it seem more like a time capsule than a closet. For our fellow fashionistas, knowing where to start when it comes to organizing all of our clothes can seem like a tricky process. With our yearly spring cleaning just around the corner, we’ve listed some easy tips and tricks that can help you make the most of your space – especially for our impulse buy ladies.

Fashion Staples

As fashion lovers, we’ve all fallen victim to the fad that only seems to last a few weeks. Whether it’s big chunky sneakers or that velour jumpsuit you haven’t worn in quite some time, keeping up with Fashion Style Guru will help you stay on top of the latest trends, making it easier to part ways with your old things.

However, there are a few basic items that are always worth keeping. Garments we simply cannot let go of may include our trusted denim jacket, little black dress, and ride-or-die skinny jeans. If you’re looking to simplify your looks, try sticking to neutral-toned color palettes as these will give you the most functionality and easy transition with every season. Personal fashion staples may vary based on unique styles and interests, but if you see yourself grabbing for that one specific item every week, it might be worth the real estate in your closet.

Shoe Racks & Shelves

At Fashion Style Guru, we know how hard it can be to say no to those perfect pair of shoes on display at our favorite store. Unfortunately, shoes take up a lot of space in our closets and are one of the most cumbersome accessories to properly store away. For efficient and effective use of your space, look into installing shoe racks on your closet doors and a small shelf on the floor to keep them from taking all the ground space.

For our purses, handbags, and backpacks, compartment shelves are also a great way to keep everything at hand and easy to see. A lot of the time, the overhead area of our closet is overlooked. Make the most of that wall space with shelves you can easily build in and use for accessories that you may not use on a daily basis and pair it with a step stool for easy access.

Multiple Tier Hangers & Hooks

Overstuffing your closet is an easy thing to do. We usually find ourselves digging through hangers without being able to comfortably get to each item. A great way to conserve some space is by investing in thin hangers that have multiple clasps and tiers. These are designed to hang 4 or 5 items on just one hanger and can easily be ordered online or found at your local retail store. These are essential for hanging up layers of pants that would otherwise take up too much space folded in a drawer.

For even more added space, damage-free and adhesive hooks are a great addition to any closet. It’s a great spot to hang up those fashion classics like denim and bomber jackets when you’re on the go or for keeping your necklaces and other jewelry neat, organized, and knot-free!

Even If You Really Love It, Let It Go

As we prep for spring and new on-trend purchases, you can’t go wrong with taking a minute to reflect on everything you have stored away. At the end of the day, if you can’t seem to find a place for it in your closet anymore, opt for setting up a donation box in your room or giving it away to friends and family. By tackling this project early, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your warm-weather activities than planning what to wear for them!