Hit the Gym with the Sommer Ray Collection


Hit the Gym with the Sommer Ray Collection

If you’re into fitness like Instagram/fitness model Sommer Ray then you’ll love her new collection with Urban Planet. Her collection has fitness written all over it – athleisure that can be worn to the gym or even outside of the gym and still look fashionable. Besides, who says you can’t look fabulous all while working out? So, if you’re trying to get on this fitness joy ride, check out her collection below.

Casually Hanging out in Joggers

If you’re more of a loose clothes kind of gal, then these joggers are for you. Joggers can also be worn tight, but why wear them tight when you can wear them loose and be way more comfortable. Pair them with a bodysuit or a cropped hoodie for some extra sweat during your workout. Joggers can be worn to the gym, but I prefer wearing joggers on a normal casual day whether it’s to run errands or to simply hangout.

black jogger

camo jogger

Active Leggings for Working Out

Leggings are great for working out. Since they are tight-fitting they help with holding muscles firmly in place and improve blood flow to the muscles, thereby boosting athletic performance. Not to mention they stay in place during your workout making it comfortable for when there’s a lot of movement. You can go for an all black legging or go for color block, or leggings with mesh. The best part of this collection is that some leggings give your behind some butt lifting magic.

mesh legging

color block legging

Did Someone Say Butt-Lifting Shorts

If you’re more of a runner rather than a weight lifter when working out, then I’m sure you may prefer shorts. They’re so much more comfortable to run in, plus these shorts aren’t any regular shorts they offer butt-lifting support. Active shorts can be very stylish to wear to the gym or on a run. You can pair them with a matching sports bra or a cropped hoodie.


active shorts

The Support of a Sports Bra

Sports bras not only offer great support in your upper area when working out, but they’re also very versatile. You can wear them with shorts, leggings, joggers – pretty much anything. They also come in many different styles, prints and colors.

sports bra

camo sports bra

Going to the Extreme for Trends

Extreme cut-out cropped hoodies have been super trendy this season. They keep your arms warm, but still show off your top or in this case it you could show off your sports bra. I would opt for a sports bra with print or a bold color.

black cropped hoodie

cropped hoodie

Sommer Ray Graphic T-Shirts

Not only does Sommer Ray’s collection with Urban Planet have activewear, but you can also purchase graphic t-shirts with her on them. So if you’re totally obsessed with this gorgeous model get yourself a graphic t-shirt of her ASAP!

black graphic t-shirt

white graphic t-shirt