How To Find Your Personal Style

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How To Find Your Personal Style

Personal style comes naturally from within. It’s almost a sixth sense for some of us but for others’ it seems like a draining job. If you’re looking to start at square one and really find what fits your personal style, keep reading! Our bloggers at Fashion Style Guru are expert fashion stylists and know exactly how to decorate a delicate blank canvas. Learn how to style your everyday outfits with simple pieces and stand out!

Find Your “Uniform”

Step one of the process begins with finding your “uniform” or go-to outfit. By doing this, if you’re ever in a rush or just don’t know what to wear, forget about styling a new look and throw on your uniform! Start by taking a peek into your closet and identify a few pieces that you gravitate towards. Try to find a signature item like white sneakers or maybe cropped sweaters and run with it! Having a go-to piece will forever make outfit styling simpler. If you’re having trouble, maybe start with your favorite jeans and a casual top. We are looking for a comfortable base fit that is easy to style and accessorize. From here, we will be able to build off of your uniform and evolve each individual look!

Spice Up Your Uniform Little By Little

Now that we’ve found your fashion uniform, it’s time to take it up a notch. Introduce yourself to a wider range of colors and styles the next time you shop. We’re still taking baby steps here so don’t be too frightened with new pieces. Little by little, rebuild your closet with various types of clothing. Essentially, you’re just giving yourself more options to style outfits. Instead of getting another hoodie, replace it with a knit sweater. Store those leggings away for a while and try some lightweight, soft denim. If you’re worried about losing the beloved comfort aspect, we can promise that it won’t be sacrificed.

Go Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

It’s the final stretch and you should hopefully be a little more comfortable with new styles of clothing by now. It’s time to get out of that comfort zone and try some fun statement pieces! Go for a vibrant top or try out a flowy dress for the first time. This is the time to style a garment that you’ve been hiding from. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it! Face your fears and rock that piece today. Another great way to leave your comfort zone is to play with accessories like jackets, jewelry, and handbags. Start small and subtle to work your way up towards styling more complex silhouettes.

Unleash Your Inner Fashionista

Whether you’re looking to revamp your personal style or start at square one and discover your style, you’re on the right track. We get it- Confidence levels skyrocket when we dress up and does it feel liberating! Renew your personal style one step at a time and gain the confidence and self-love that you deserve. Not only can a contemporary outfit leave us feeling good, but it also creates a path for more fashion and styling opportunities. You may have a love for fashion that you never knew about!