How to Mix Prints

mixed prints

How to Mix Prints

Mixing Prints can sometimes be scary and it can intimidate many. The reason? Many don’t know how to style prints and many don’t feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone. But don’t fear there are many different ways to mix prints that will make you feel stylish and chic. Once you start you will always want to mix and match your prints.

Use the Same Colors

If you want to go ahead and mix different prints a recommendation would be to stay in the same color scheme. This will reduce the chances of an outfit looking like you got dressed in the dark. For example, choose colors that go well with each other such as blues and greys or pinks and whites. People will think that you are a fashion genius. Staying with the same colors will also help a fashion disaster you don’t want to be mixing prints like crazy.

color scheme

Pair Prints with Neutrals

If you want to play it safe pair prints with neutral colors. By pairing prints with neutral colors you will only have one piece of clothing that will catch everyone’s eye. Some neutral colors you can go for are beige, greys, whites, etc. You can pair any kind of print with neutral colors, which is great. For example, you can pair a cheetah print shirt with a pair of light beige jeans and some cute black flats. Or you can pair a polka dotted shirt with some cute white shorts and some cute wedges.

neutral prints

Contrast Prints

Use the same print in two different colors. This will not only be eye-catching but it gives your outfit an extra edge. For example, pair cheetah print in a golden shade with cheetah print with red. This will give your outfit a fun yet sophisticated look! Or you can pair a black polka dotted shirt with some cute smaller sized polka dotted trousers. This will have everyone loving your fashion sense!

polka dots

Polka Dots and Stripes

Yes, that right mix polka dots and stripes together! This at first might seem like a weird combination but its really not. Polka dots and stripes go hand and hand with each other and compliment each other fairly well. Go and wear a polka dot top with some cute striped trousers or do the opposite and wear a striped top with some black jeans and some polka dotted shoes such as sneakers or flats. The possibilities are endless with these two combinations. Give it a try and pair it with a neutral bag!

polka dots stripes

Floral Prints

Floral prints might seem a bit scary at first because you don’t know how people perceive this print but in actually floral prints are super girly, fun, and flirty. Dress floral prints with a skirt and some wedges will look stylish. If it’s a little cooler out, pair a cute floral top with some high waisted jeans and some sneakers or boots for a much more laid back casual look.

floral print

Mix all Kinds of Prints

Don’t be afraid to mix prints this season. Fashion is all about experimenting and trying new things. At the end of the day, there are no rules to fashion wear what makes you feel comfortable. Mix all kinds of prints until you see what works for you.