How to Style the Color of the Year

How to Style the Color of the Year

When it comes to being on-trend, nothing is easier than following the color palettes that every designer and magazine is talking about. If you’re unsure about hard to wear fad going around, keeping up with color is right for you! For 2020, we’re going to be seeing classic blue in every collection and across all retail stores. The leading color forecast company, Pantone, is the place to go for everything color and has named classic blue the color of 2020. Whether its home fashions or the color of your top, this deep ocean blue is here to stay and offers a refreshing look on our favorite primary color.

Contrasting & Complementary Colors

For this one, you’re going to want to break out your color wheel. With such a versatile hue, this Classic Blue is going to look great against vibrant reds. The Pantone spring/summer color palette features Flame Scarlet, a bright red that simply cannot be missed and is an effortlessly chic option to pair with blue tones. Color blocking these two colors will have you looking like a trendsetter fresh off the runway.

If contrasting colors are on the bold side for you, introducing complementary colors into your wardrobe is best. Looking to play things safe? Blue and yellow do exactly what they’re supposed to do when paired together in a look: complement each other. The cool and warm colors will make for a more balanced and sophisticated ensemble. Find a Classic Blue and yellow shade pattern or print. Accessorizing with orange-based accessories will leave you looking vacation ready while you let the Classic Blue color stand out among the rest.

Monochromatic Looks

Ready to adopt Classic Blue with full force? Taking a monochromatic approach will leave you in blue from head to toe. An easy way to keep monochromatic looks boring is by mixing interesting textures and fabrics. For bottoms, denim is going to be the easiest way to go. And if you’re anything like us, we have endless drawers filled with jeans you’ll be throwing on your favorite pair in a breeze.

Satin and reflective fabrics are all the rage this season. Be sure to pair your favorite pair of high waisted jeans with a Classic Blue satin top. For easy on the go looks, layer it with a light and airy cardigan. For those pieces, you can throw on a hoodie or cardigan while adding some variations of light and deep blues to add some dimension and movement.

Pops Of Color

For those of us that like to keep a neutral color palette. Accessorizing with Classic Blue is going to make for a chic look. Introducing the color into statement jewelry or aspects like nails and makeup will make the bold color transition easier and give you more creative freedom.

Classic Blue is going to look great in chunky framed glasses or reflective lensed sunglasses! Against neutrals like sandy beiges and whites, it’s the perfect color to welcome into your accessories for summertime beach adventures. For our fashionistas that want to take color contrasting in small doses, there’s nothing like wearing a Classic Blue top with confidence-inducing red lipstick. Amping up your look with colorful makeup looks is temporary and easily changeable if we’re still unsure contrasting bold colors is for us.

Classic Blue: Do You

When styling this color of the year, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. As always, wear what makes you feel confident and reflect your innermost beauty. If you want to dive in headfirst but don’t know where to start, these quick tips will point you in the right direction without breaking the bank – because everyone has their favorite jeans stored away somewhere!