How to Wear Clothes You Already Have

How to Wear Clothes You Already Have

There are many ways you can transform an old, tired look into a fresh new look, by rewearing clothing you already own in a different way. It just takes a simple switch to get you that fresh new look that’s been sitting in your closet this whole time. You know what they say, you only need about 30 wardrobe essentials in your closet.

Slip Dresses over a T-Shirt

You can turn a slip dress from an evening outfit to a daytime outfit. Throw on a t-shirt or button-down under a slip dress that you would normally wear in the evening. I would go for a black satin slip dress with a button-down underneath paired with black platform booties. If I wanted to go for a more casual look I could opt for a white t-shirt instead, paired with white sneakers.

slip dress


Show Your Sleeves Off

Show off contrasting sleeves under a blazer or sweater for a more stylish look. I would try going for bold, fall colors such as bright orange, magenta or mustard. The ideal look for me would be white trousers with a black blazer (sleeves rolled up), paired with a bright orange long sleeve. I would throw on accessories such as a black and gold crossbody, and a layered gold necklace.


long sleeve turtleneck

Sweatshirt over a Dress

It’s no surprise that oversized sweatshirts worn as a dress are a trend. But, what if you wore a sweatshirt right over your dress instead? You can make any dress instantly more casual. You can go for a red maxi with white polka dots paired with an oversized sweatshirt over the dress.


maxi flowy dress

Off the Shoulder Jean Jacket

Jean jackets will always be a classic. But, now you can wear them a different way – slung off the shoulder. You can wear it slung off one shoulder or completely. I would go for cropped denim jacket slung off the shoulder with trousers, or even similar wash jeans. Depending on the look I’m going for I would pair it with high heels or sneakers for a relaxed look.

off the shoulder denim jacket

Button-Down Off the Shoulder

Wear a button-down loosely off the shoulder for sexier feel on any look. I would go for black trousers with a mustard button-down tuck in off the shoulder – paired with a chestnut brown belt at my waist and black pumps.

button-down top

off the shoulder button-down

Dress over Jeans

Wear a maxi or midi flowy dress over your skinnies. Try to opt for feminine dresses that skim the body. My ideal outfit would be light wash skinnies with a maxi floral dress, paired with white booties. Or I would opt for a button-up maxi dress (open midway) over light wash denim jeans – paired with high heels.

dress over jeans

sheer dress over jeans

Wrap Dress as a Tunic

Make your wrap dress serve as a robe coat instead. This is a perfect way dress up your jeans, if you’re not looking to go for a total casual look. I would opt for black skinny jeans, and a sheer wrap dress worn as a robe over a black t-shirt – paired with black booties.

wrap dress

denim jeans