How To Wear Linen Tops This Summer Without Looking Like Your Grandma

How To Wear Linen Tops This Summer Without Looking Like Your Grandma

If you prefer linen in the summer, you’re not alone. The overwhelming heat of Canada’s summer is uncomfortable with the wrong fabric. Linen is without a doubt the fabric to wear in June, July, and August. However, many of us don’t know how to wear it. So many linen pieces wrinkle easily and give Canadian fashionistas an unfortunate boxy look. For those of us who opt for linen to beat the heat, there are few things you can do to avoid wearing shapeless unfashionable pieces. Check out this assortment of linen tops to stay cool and look hot all summer long.

Keep It Cropped With Linen Crop Tops

If there’s one thing you won’t see your grandma wearing this summer, it’s a crop top.

crop top

This feminine top gives you a chance to rock loose fabric while embracing current trends. Wear it with some shorts to bare your midriff, or pair it with high-waisted pants for an edgy look.

Show Off Your Arms In A Linen V-Neck Button Up Tank

The simplest solution to the boxy, unflattering shape so often provided by linen tops is to reduce the amount of fabric. Say no to long sleeves and crew necks. Don’t be afraid to show some skin in this effortlessly chic linen tank top!

button up tank

Wear it with a pair of shorts or skinny jeans to stay comfortable all summer long. The fabric hangs nicely to complement your figure while leaving you room to breathe for those times you may overindulge on dessert.

Add A Linen Romper To the Mix

A linen romper? Talk about comfortable, airy, and light. This ensemble is ideal for late nights out with your girlfriends. The ruffled tie and floral design add fun elements that eliminate the possibility of looking older. Your next day out in the sun won’t be complete without this number and a pair of sunglasses.

linen romper

Find a Jacket That Suits Your Style

A piece that transitions from day to night with the changing temperature is a crucial addition to your closet. This jacket won’t suffocate you on a muggy afternoon and provides just enough warmth to keep you cozy when the sun goes down. The draping and unique sleeves make this gorgeous jacket a no-brainer purchase.

waterfall jacket

Survive Canada’s Summer In Style With Linens

There’s no denying that a few linen pieces will be much appreciated come August. Don’t wait until then to figure out how to style these awesome pieces. Forget all your preconceived notions that you’ll end up looking old-fashioned or matronly and get on board this summer trend.