How To Wear Paper Bag Pants Without Looking Frumpy

paperbag pants

How To Wear Paper Bag Pants Without Looking Frumpy

The paper bag pant is back from the 80s with full force and has no plans of leaving. You’ve probably noticed the look all over the place. Paper bag pants have become a go-to style for both workdays and date nights. You might be a little wary of this trend since styling oversized high-waist trousers isn’t exactly a walk in the park. The wrong blouse or pair of shoes with paper bag pants could be a total fashion disaster. After some trial and error, we’ve figured out exactly how Canadian queens of all shapes and sizes can rock these pants. See below for affordable and adorable paper bag pants.

Basic Solid Tube Bodysuit for Paper Bag Pant Magic

basic tube bodysuit

If you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed, avoid throwing on a baggy t-shirt with these already loosely fitting pants. Outfits with an excess of material and fabric are rarely flattering. Plus, with pants that accentuate your waist so well, why would you hide it under a baggy top? This comfortable and cute formfitting bodysuit will balance out the larger fit of the pants to keep you looking trim and cute. This simple top is the perfect way to balance out your paper bag pants.

Paper Bag Culotte Pants for Working Canadian Queens

paperbag culotte pant

Stay cool all summer long, and show off your favourite sandals in these gorgeous cropped paper bag pants. The short length guarantees that your new heels won’t go unnoticed, Rock them with a pair of block heel sandals and a floppy sun hat for effortless #OOTD inspo.

Go Bold, or Go Home With the Patch Pocket Pant

paperbag patch pocket pant

This style will turn heads and stand out from the basic formfitting styles we’re used to, so why not go for a totally unique look? Opt for a bright orange or yellow to make this an even bolder statement piece. These pants are ideal for the hot Canadian summer months when you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. Keeping it simple up top with a neutral tee will make it just the right amount of bold and guarantee you’ll get noticed wherever you go.

A Classic Light Wash Cropped Denim Jacket is Your New Best Friend

cropped denim jacket

There’s no question about it: accessories can make or break a look. These pants are already making a statement, so the rest of your outfit should simply balance them out. A good rule of thumb with this style is to keep things simple. This cropped denim jacket a safe way to step up the look without going overboard. It is sure to become your newest go-to piece.

Slay The Paper Bag Pant Trend With Our Styling Tips

As with any trend, it’s all about finding what works for you and what doesn’t. Paper bag pants are super simple to style once you know what to avoid. The next time you pull on a pair of these trendy trousers, use this guide to reduce stress, increase confidence, and slay with #OOTD.