Keep Your Kids in Style with These 2019 Fashion Trends

Keep Your Kids in Style with These 2019 Fashion Trends

You know what American fashion designer, Kate Spade once said: “playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.” So it’s only right that you stay on top of kids’ latest fashion trends. The kids’ fashion scene is huge these days with many of options to choose from. Children used to be able get away with wearing anything as long as clothes were comfortable and allowed room for fun. Now, dressing your young one in the right style is all the rage. It’s only right to find your children clothing that matches the latest trends and their personal style.


The latest in kids fashion trends is the comfort and style of sportswear. I’m sure this trend doesn’t come as a surprise because children love to get out and be active. You’ll want kids’ sportwear that’s comfortable and versatile that will allow your children to play and explore in style.

girls windbreaker

girls graphic jogger

boys track jogger

boys fleece sweater


Denim is another timeless wardrobe piece that’s becoming a huge kids’ fashion trend beyond denim jeans. Let’s be clear: denim can never go out of style for anyone, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. You can now dress your children in a selection of denim styles – denim skirts, jackets, shirts and even accessories. Denim isn’t only a very versatile trend that can be used in any season but can also be very easy to style.

girls denim jacket

girls denim jacket


There is not one spring or summer that goes by without florals being the go-to trend. However, florals are also starting to make their appearance in the fall with the proper autumn colors. Floral patterns can be found in dresses, shirts, skirts and pants. I’d go with florals in pastel colors, such as lavender, light pinks, light greens, yellows and light blues. In the fall you may want to go with pistachio, red, orange or neutrals.

boys floral graphic t-shirt

girls floral drawstring dress

girls smocked blouse


Ruffles have been an ongoing trend for adults and now we’re starting to see them on children’s clothing. Who is to say that kids can’t take on adult fashion trends, right? Ruffles can be fun for kids and easily paired with other trends for an elegant touch – such as florals, stripes and other patterns.

Earth Tones

This fall season is all about earth tones that go beyond the dark and dull. Earthy greens, brown, yellows and blue – can be found in every style. These tones also pair well with most of what your children may already own in their closet.

girls off the shoulder top

boys camo t-shirt

Gender-Neutral Style

gender-neutral style

Gender-neutral styles include a wide range of colors, styles, and materials. This helps give every kid the options that best match their taste and style. Designers are starting to embrace trending styles for children of all genders. Why limit your child’s choices when it comes to fashion?