Makeup Tips Every Beginner Should Know

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Makeup Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Do you ever feel like you want to get into makeup, but don’t know all the little tricks there is to this thing. Well I’m with you on that one!  Below are some makeup tips and tricks that may help.

  1. Start with a clean face, and figure out a skincare routine that works for you.

makeup productsThere are products that will work for you and others that won’t – and you shouldn’t worry about it.  It’s important to start off with a fresh clean face before applying any makeup at all.

  1. Eye makeup goes on first, and your foundation and concealer last.

Applying your eyeshadow first helps because if you mess it you can just clean it up with concealer later.

  1. Warm up your mascara in a glass of warm water, while doing your makeup.

Your mascara will apply more smoothly and your eyelashes could thank me later. It will also help make it less clumpy when applying it.

  1. Eyeshadow primer will be your best friend.

Eyeshadow primer makes your eyeshadow last much longer and look more pigmented.

  1. Choose the right eyeshadow brush.

A large shadow brush sweeps on highlighter. A precision shadow brush packs on pigment. A blending shadow brush softens shadow. A blending tip brush to smoke out the eye. An angled liner brush to tightline the water line. A precision liner brush to prefect a precise line. A smudger brush to diffuse eyeliner. Use your products to their full potential.

  1. Use a regular piece of tape to get a perfect eyeliner wing.

Put down a piece of tape that starts at the corner of your eye and follows past your bottom eyelid/waterline to get a perfect winged eyeliner and sharp eyeshadow.

  1. A dab of concealer can easily fix a botched wing.

If you smudge your eyeliner or eyebrows a little, use a bit of concealer to clean up the edges.

  1. When buying new foundation, swatch it on yourself.

Wear it around in different light to make sure it’s a true match.

  1. Play around with different ways to contour your face shape.

Make sure you’re contouring the right way for your face shape. What might work for you might not work for somebody else, who has a different face shape than you do.

  1. Contour with bronzer using the E3 method.

You start at the top of your forehead and bronze down the side of your hairline along your temple, then bronze in the hollow of your cheek underneath your cheek bone. Then down from your ear, bronze along jawline.

  1. Blend out your under-eye concealer in a wide triangle.

This will help make you look more awake.

  1. If your skin-tone concealer is not enough to cover your under-eye circles, then use a color corrector beneath your foundation.

Under eye circles with blue tones need an orange-based concealer. Under eye circles with both blue and purple tones need a combination of orange and yellow to create a salmon/peach concealer. Under eye circles with purple tones need a yellow-based concealer.

  1. Color corrector also works to hide any redness or yellowness that shows through your foundation.

Use the color green to cover up redness, yellow covers up purpleness and purple covers up yellowness.

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  1. Use a clean mascara wand to quickly brush off any mascara flakes.

If you get mascara all over your eyelids, after putting on your eyeshadow – just wait for the mascara to dry and then gently rub your eyelid with the mascara wand.

  1. Layer powder between coats of mascara for extra thick lashes.

Do one coat of mascara, and while it’s still wet use a brush and dust your lashes with a dark eyeshadow, then do your second coat. The powder makes your eyelashes look thicker. If you let the first layer dry then apply it again, the mascara will last longer.

  1. Avoid lipstick on your teeth – after applying, put a finger in your mouth and pull it out.
  1. If you’re not happy with makeup, return it.
    Don’t waste your money on something that doesn’t work for you. Most makeup stores have a great return policy, even if the products are already used.
  1. Find a beauty vlogger who inspires you.

Someone who recommends products you can use and that are affordable for you.