Must-Follow Fashion Bloggers from Canada

Canadian blogger

Must-Follow Fashion Bloggers from Canada

Every day, there seems to be more and more bloggers influencing what clothes you wear, what beauty products you try and where you go on your next vacation. Bloggers who have figured out how to make their love of fashion and style a true lifestyle, but also how to make money sharing what they love with all of us. For homegrown advice in Canada, check out these fashion bloggers.

Ania B

Ania B is a style and travel blog by Ania Boniecka and her partner, Tyler Stalman. It’s a platform where they showcase thei work, travel and sartorial endeavors through the medium of photography and video. Ania established her blog when she started modeling. Ania and Tyler split their time between Toronto, Calgary, and L.A.

ania blogger

Dentelle & Fleurs

Gabrielle Lacasse is behind Dentelle, & Fleurs, a Montreal-based fashion blog. Her style is vintage-inspired with a definite French twist. Gabrielle writes informative lifestyle posts, as well as handy and inspirational fashion articles.

Gabrielle blogger

Xander Vintage

Xander Vintage is a blog started by Alanna Durkovich in Vancouver. Her blog focuses on her unique take on urban street style. Alanna likes mixing trends, contrasting colors and having fun with fashion. She’s also known for her ever-changing hair color.

alanna blogger

Not Your Standard

Kayla Seah is the blogger behind Not Your Standard. She is based in Toronto and has minimalist approach to design and style. She has over 200,000 Instagram followers and has collaborated with brands like Sephora, Jimmy Choo, and Calvin Klein.

not your standard blogger

To Vogue or Bust

Alexandra Grant is the blogger behind Vancouver’s To Vogue or Bust. Her blog is about living life to the fullest through travel, embracing your style, and being your best self. Alexandra has partnered with brands like Aritzia, Airbnb, KLM, and Forever 21. Her style is effortless and classic.

Alexandra blogger

Alicia Fashionista

Alicia Winnett is the blogger behind Alicia Fashionista. She this Vancouver-based fashion blog in 2008 and now it’s her full-time job. Alicia’s fashion is as relatable and down-to-earth as her writing style.

alicia blogger

Erin Elizabeth

Erin Elizabeth is a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Ottawa. On her blog she shares tips and tricks to inspire other girls to feel their best inside and out. Erin has a casual and chic style.

Erin Elizabeth blogger