Must-Have Shoe Styles Your Kids Need This Fall

Must-Have Shoe Styles Your Kids Need This Fall

Back to school is in full effect, which means it is the best time to switch up your kids’ shoe styles to something a bit more current. This fall, it’s all about being comfortable, but also staying stylish and trendy. Fall 2019 is the season of faux fur, eye-catching patterns, and vibrant colours. Fashion Style Guru has all of the latest kids shoe style choices for your child to choose from. Check out our list of all of the amazing shoe styles your child can rock this fall.

Faux Fur Styles That’ll Keep Your Kid Cozy

Faux fur has never been hotter and now your kids join in on this popular trending style. Faux fur is great for transitioning into the cool fall weather. Have your kids wear faux fur booties with some jeans and a simple sweater for the ideal fall feel. These boots are great for going to school as well as for outdoor activities such as pumpkin picking, playing in the park, and much more. Not only will these faux fur boots keep your kids warm but they also keep your kids stylish. The best part about the latest faux fur trend is that there are faux fur shoes for both boys and girls.

Incorporate Patterns & Vibrant Colours

This fall is all about standing out from the crowd, and what better way to make a statement than getting your kids a pair of flashy sneakers or an eye-catching pattern on their boots. A few colours that are in this season are oranges, bright pinks, greens, and yellows. Let your kids express themselves by rocking a bright orange sneaker with a unique pattern. If you want something a little subtler but still following this style, opt for a toned-down colour like red and less intimidating pattern. Pair these vibrant and crazy patterned shoes with some jeans and a hoodie for that iconic fall look. Your kids will love the style and you’ll be the “cool mom.”

Experiment With Different Shoe Styles This Fall

Starting school can be scary, intimidating, and overall nerve-racking. Some kids are nervous, anxious, and shy knowing they have to go back to school. What better way than to ease all of their insecurities and boost their confidence than with some new trendy shoe styles for the fall. Whether they want the faux fur style of more of the vibrant vibe, there is a style for everyone.

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