New York Fashion Week: Spring 2020 Fashion Trends

New York Fashion Week: Spring 2020 Fashion Trends

New York Fashion Week is the perfect fashion trend guide for every fashionista. According to Refinery, unlike other runway shows, New York Fashion Week is much more accessible and down-to-earth. It’s great to be able to witness a fashion show with innovative, creative looks that we can actually reinvent within the bounds of our own wardrobe. So what have we learned out of the Spring 2020 fashion shows? Three words: colorful, structural, and interesting. Although we think we may have all the answers about the future of fashion, we still may need to wait for the upcoming shows in London, Milan and Paris. Here are a few fashion trends straight out of New York Fashion Week.

Put Away Your Traditional, Black Blazer

White blazers with bigger shoulders, which makes a statement all on its own. You can wear just the blazer, go the extra mile in uniform with a white suit. Pair the white blazer with neutral colors or add a pop of color with a bralette and the matching color shoes. I’d go for lavender!

white suit

white blazer

Goodbye Tie Dye, You Won’t Be Missed

Tie dye is being replaced by brush strokes, paint splatters and paint lines that add pops of color. The best part? Just like tie dye this trend can be DIY’ed – adding easy artsy texture to any look. This print would look fantastic on a satin slip dress or even a sheer pastel colored mini dress.

brush stroke trend

The New Mix and Match

For all you indecisive fashion gurus who can’t commit to just one color or print – this trend was made for you. Or for those of you who can never decided what to wear in the morning, you’re going to love this trend. This trend makes it easier for you to combine contrasting motifs by splitting dresses, tops, and pants right down the middle. You could ease your way into this trend with the a traditional black and white or go full on with a half floral print, half striped print.

fashion week

half and half trend

Monochrome Everything

This trend is one we’ve all been familiar with. You can go two ways with this trend: wear single color head-to-toe or pick one color and wear items in different shades. Try embracing the season’s monochrome trend with neutrals. Throw on shades of cream, ivory, and beige together for a luxe look.

monochrome outfit

monochrome look