Outfit Ideas To Keep You Looking Stylish In The Snow

Outfit Ideas To Keep You Looking Stylish In The Snow

The temperatures may be falling, but our style finds are heating up and we’re only getting started. While the cooler months prompt bundles of layers and stacks of winter accessories, sacrificing style is not an option. There are fabulous ways to flaunt cool-weather pieces without looking boring and bulky. From pastel parkas to luxe knit layers, there are many ways to remain stylish and warm in the snow. Read on to discover more and shop the pieces your winter wardrobe needs from our favorite fashion retailer, Urban Planet.

Pastel Parka

Brighten up in the dead of winter with a bubblegum parka. Without fall’s warm foliage, the winter months can be sad and dreary. Lighten up your mood with a pastel parka featuring a fabulous fur-lined hood and weather resistant microfiber fabric to keep you toasty and warm as you tackle the cold.

pastel parka

Jewel-Toned Beanie

Top off your chilly-weather outfit and keep your ears warm with a jewel-toned beanie. This easy-to-wear toque was knit using a flat-stitch braiding technique that creates a perfectly smooth fit. Whether you’re hitting the ski slopes or city streets, you won’t want to leave home without it!


A Layer of Luxe

During winter it’s all about layers. A good place to start is with a solid-colored knit that pairs well with practically anything. Urban Planet’s cherry mock neck sweater invites you to layer under cardigans, coats, scarves, and beyond. Adorned with soft chenille fabric, we guarantee you’ll want to live in this top.

mock sweater

Winter Scarf

What’s a winter without your go-to scarf, which always seems to end up draped over the banister when it’s not wrapped around your neck? It’s hard not to think about plaid these days, and so, we present to you a plush plaid scarf. Opt for Urban Planet’s plaid cape scarf for an accessory that adds major personality to your look!

plaid scarf