Preparing for Fall Fashion

women faux-leather drawstring pant

Preparing for Fall Fashion

With the seasons changing every few months, sometimes it’s difficult to tell when it’s time to start transitioning your clothing. Rather do it all at once, however, it’s much easier to start introducing a few key elements into your current wardrobe for a seamless and stylish evolution into the fall. From prints to accessories, we’ll be outlining exactly how you can be seen as a fashion icon on campus.

Get Mad about Plaid

No autumn wardrobe is complete without a little plaid thrown in, but you don’t need to be waiting until the temperature drops to bring some into the mix. A pair of high waisted trousers can easily be worn with a crop top or bodysuit while the sun is still the life of the party. As you transition further into the season, start introducing richer colors, longer sleeves, and even a few layers. Convert a button-up flannel into a tie front shirt or try a lightweight plaid duster.

Incorporate Some Faux Leather Details into Your Outfit

The edginess of faux leather has been very popular on the runways, but be careful not to overdo it. Unlike the denim on denim trend that’s been growing recently, faux leather should be kept to a minimum. Introduce it slowly with a snapback cap, which can be worn just as easily with shorts as it can pants. As the evenings begin to get a bit cooler, you can mix this trend and athleisure with a pair of faux leather paneled leggings. Style them with a plain t-shit and longline blazer, or opt for a full faux leather pant and a simple top.

Don’t be Afraid to Accessorize

Accessories are one of the best ways to slowly transition your wardrobe from season to season. Headwear is wonderful year-round, from keeping the sun out of your eyes to keeping your ears warm. From dad caps to the recently much-loved cabbie hat, invest in a few that can easily give off both summer and autumn vibes depending on how it’s styled. If hats aren’t typically your thing, try wrapping a scarf differently than you usually do for an easy headband or hair wrap that can easily transform in the colder temperatures.

Get to the Point with Some Stylish Boots

Pointed toe shoes have been growing in popularity recently and jumping on the trend with some boots or booties is a great way to make your wardrobe convert a little easier. A Chelsea boot can look just as chic with a pair of shorts as it can with some cropped trousers, so you can wear them year-round and still stay on trend. A high-rise pair would look great with a midi jumpsuit or skirt, or you can slip in the faux leather trend for a more rocker girl look.

When it comes to Handbags, Size Matters

A large tote or over-sized bag can still look totally cute on your way to class, but when you’re just headed out with friends and can ditch all your books at your dorm for a bit, a mini handbag is your best option. Purses of tiny stature and intricate shapes were included in every major collection for Fall 2018 and including them in your style arsenal before autumn is a great way to stay ahead of the curve and make your wardrobe transition that much easier as the semester hurdles toward midterms.