Your Guide to Wearing Prints & Patterns

patterned button-up

Your Guide to Wearing Prints & Patterns

Wearing prints and patterns isn’t for the faint of heart. At Fashion Style Guru, we love a good in-your-face print. Brightly printed tops are an easy way to amp up your work and weekend look. Are styling prints and patterns new to you? For many of us, we stick to the basics because they can never steer you wrong. If you’re looking to venture out into the world of prints and patterns this season, look no further because we’ve listed the key elements so that you can jump in headfirst.

Stripes & Polka Dots: Ride Or Die Classics

For our ladies that are new to prints and patterns, welcome. Stripes and polka dots are your new best friends. These classics are seemingly perfect and will easily find space in your closet because they work with everything. Whether it’s a sweater, buttoned blouse for work, or a simple t-shirt, you’re guaranteed to find a way to incorporate these patterns into everyday and wearable looks. For those that don’t want to stray from what works, these patterns look great in black and white and will complete your denim look.

If we’re being honest, stripes can be a little tricky. The typical horizontal pattern can make you look boxy depending on the cut of the garment. Working with your body type and specific preference, you may find that vertical stripes suit your pattern-driven heart as they can make you look taller and elongate the figure.

It Doesn’t Have To Match, It Has To Go

To our bold, loud, and eccentric ladies, we salute you. You’re brave and not afraid to break fashion barriers. At the end of the day, there’s no rhyme or reason to styling patterns and prints, it’s whatever you feel comfortable in and works for you. If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to mixing prints and patterns start with something safe. To get the effortless mix-matched effect without straying too far, stick to a simple color palette. By mixing patterns that share at least one or two of the same colors, you’ll look like a trendsetter without feeling self-conscious. This color technique also works well with prints. Try combining two different floral prints that also have a color in common. If one of the prints is larger than the other, it’ll create an eye-catching and fashion-forward outfit.

If you’re looking to mix your top and bottoms, refresh your look with a solid-colored coat or staple denim jacket. This will make the mixing of patterns and prints look cohesive and allow them to flow into each other. You can even incorporate prints into your accessories such as handbags and jewelry. Whatever pattern or prints you’re mixing, remember it doesn’t necessarily have to match perfectly. Slight differences and variations are what keeps your look exciting, yet effortless.

On Trend For Spring 2020

For Spring 2020 we’re all about the ‘70s inspired looks. The psychedelic looks of the ‘70s take us back in time and have made their way back into mainstream fashion. These crowd-favorite patterns and prints are all over the runways and are perfect for those looking for a statement piece. Choosing a ‘70s patterned buttoned shirt in a trending shiny material will be sure to put a twist on your average work pants or denim look. Although florals are always in for spring, this season, look for plant-based and botanical style prints. These leafy prints are perfect to incorporate for your upcoming vacation and look great in long flowy dresses for the beach.

Patterns, Prints, and Positive Vibes for 2020

Whatever you’re looking to incorporate into your look this season make sure it reflects your inner fashionista. Playing with patterns and prints is a fun way to liven up your everyday looks and give you some extra confidence when walking down the street. Daring prints and patterns radiate positive vibes – so why not give off some great energy and look great doing so?