Reasons Why Should Get a Dog for Your Kids

benefits of owning a dog

Reasons Why Should Get a Dog for Your Kids

Are your kids constantly begging you for a new furry friend? If so, what’s holding you back? Some people perceive dogs to be smelly, hair-shedding creatures that poop everywhere and bring dirt inside the house. Others may think that dogs are a source of various diseases and allergies, which is why some parents would avoid having one at home, especially with kids. However, dogs are friendly pals who provide us with a numerous of benefits: loyalty, companionship, protection, someone to exercise with, and so much more. Owning a dog also provides a lot of benefits for your kids. What more can you ask for? Here’s why having a dog would be great for your kids.

Dogs are a great companion

The companionship that a dog offers helps prevent depression and loneliness. According to studies human-dog interaction reflects the benefits specifically related to anxiety, depression and coping with stress. Dogs are good playing buddies for whenever your kid needs them. Kids can play with them when they don’t have anyone else around to play with, at any time of the day or when weather outside isn’t the best. A dog is a great companion when kids are sad, angry, stressed or nervous. Do you only have one child and not planning to have more anytime soon? With a dog your child will tend to feel less lonely and view their pet as a sibling.

Dogs Help Kids Develop Skills

When your kids have to help walk, bathe, and feed the dog, they are learning the important skill of taking care of another living creature. It will help children learn all about responsibility and to take initiative. Dogs help kids build social skills. They can make new friends and interact with other pet owners they meet while they’re out on a walk with their furry best friend. A dog can also teach essential values such as kindness and trustworthiness.

Dogs Offer Protection

Having a dog reduces the chance of a break in or robbery. Robbers are less likely to strike because they know a dog will warn their owner or attack them. A dog can also protect your kids when you’re not around. It can prevent them from getting into altercations with other kids or protect them against bullying. According to The Wall Street Journal there are studies that show you can teach your dog to detect substances of any kind.

Dogs Reduce Anxiety

Cuddles or playful interactions with a dog stimulate a hormone called oxytocin and soothes the anxiety system. There’s nothing like having your little one anxiety free at all times as it helps them perform in a better way. A furry friend can offer comfort to your child and can also reduce tension and improve one’s mood overall.

Dogs Keep Kids Active

Dog owners are more active than people without dogs. Your child can reap all the benefits that your dog is by getting by taking walks with them. Kids can also run and play fetch with their dog, which can offer an added dose of exercise. Since your kids will be doing this daily, this can help keep them in shape and ensure they maintain a healthy weight.

Dogs Help You Maintain Good Health

A dog can help your kids develop a stronger immune system and prevent sickness. Kids who grow up around dogs are less prone to allergies and asthma than those who grow up with a dog.