Repurposing Outfits: Don’t Let Your Clothes Go To Waste

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Repurposing Outfits: Don’t Let Your Clothes Go To Waste

It’s the popular buzzword we’re noticing everywhere: on billboards, all over our Twitter and Instagram feeds, and something we’re seeing more companies embrace as climate change becomes our unfortunate reality. If you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re talking about sustainability.

Sure, you probably won’t solve the climate crisis, but you can still do your part to limit fashion-related waste! Completing even the bare minimum can help reduce your carbon footprint and even save you a few bucks. We’ve listed some easy ways to make the earth a little greener and keep a little bit more “green” in your wallet.

Assess Your Closet

Like so many shoppers, we’ve all been subject to those unavoidable splurges. Nonetheless, you can keep track of your purchases by keeping an organized closet, but that’s easier said than done. For those fashion-forward divas struggling to decide what to keep or donate, try asking these simple questions:

“How many times have I worn this?”
“Do I plan on wearing this in the future?”
“How can I make this work currently?”

Analyzing the current state of your closet put things into perspective, and helps identify the items you need to replace and how you can introduce old pieces in new ways. You may even find some older pieces you want to bring back to life by sewing a rip or adding that missing button.

Is your closet crammed with too many pieces? Try organizing piles of accessories and clothes for donations to your local thrift store or pass them on to family and friends.

Stuck? There’s A Video Tutorial For That

One of the best ways to keep reusing items in your closet involves repairing minor damage. Recycle your clothes by patching up rips and tears to make them last a few extra wears.

Let’s face it, ladies: we’re all familiar with that one item we simply cannot part ways with – even though it has an enormous rip in it. If this happens to your favorite sweater, for example, it might be a good idea to invest in a small sewing kit. Not the best seamstress? No problem because a quick tutorial on YouTube will teach you simple ways to give your clothes some tender loving care.

Fashion emergencies happen to everyone. Even celebrities wearing the most expensive couture gowns need to fixe their dresses when an unexpected seam comes apart. You never know, that tutorial and sewing kit might save you from an embarrassing fashion faux pas.

Thrift Shopping: A New Affordable Alternative

There’s no hiding the fact that fashion followers love shopping. I mean, haven’t you ever heard that phrase: “Shop ‘til you drop?” Since this habit isn’t the easiest to break, opt for hitting up your local consignment shop or thrift store instead of your go-to boutique. Thrift shops are often packed with amazing finds. We aren’t kidding! You can literally walk away with a cart of items without breaking the bank.

Thrift shops will often mark down their items drastically, leaving you with more in your wallet for those monthly expenses like rent, gas, and your Netflix subscription. These shops are always ready to take donations, so not only can you shop, but you can also donate your used clothing and give back to your community – a win-win situation.

Less Waste, More Creative Space

When it comes to your clothes, you should never let your hard-earned money go to waste. Check your closet to see if any garments need some tender loving care. You can get creative and with some help from a sewing kit to bring them back to life, or introduce them again with a modern twist. Dig out those items you haven’t worn in a while and see how you can lengthen their life span by donating them or giving them away – you might just brighten someone’s day by doing so! Remember, ladies: it’s okay to jump on the sustainability bandwagon; your earth will thank you!