Spring Fashion Must-Haves


Spring Fashion Must-Haves

That cute lil’ groundhog was definitely on to something – spring is on its way, and it’s bringing endless styling options and cute looks. Start prepping your closet accordingly with all the styles, tones, and accouterments you need to slay as the weather heats up. From feathered tops and skirts to earth-toned or polka dotted dresses, make sure you’re ready to spring forward with a fierce collection of season-appropriate chicness.

Feathered Pieces Are In

Be a fine-feathered babe this spring.  Wearing a feathered piece is a bold, light, airy, over the top, and fabulous way to set yourself apart from the throngs of legging-clad basics. Pair a loud and proud-feathered skirt with a simple and classic monochromatic turtleneck for a daring and adorable look.

Earth Tones

Chocolate browns, reddish clays, sandy tans, and forest greens – who knew mother earth could bring it so hard? Earth tones are absolutely classic and need to be incorporated into your look this spring. A milk chocolate brown midi dress, when paired with an eggshell white open neck sweater, will have you looking fierce and feeling comfy on those warm, transitional early spring days.  A pair of green paper bag shorts with some strappy flats is effortlessly cute and great for brunch, a date night, or making dinner at home with your roommates.

paperbag shorts

Springtime Shortalls

Overalls: they’re not just for toddlers. They are an increasingly popular and adorable favorite of the world’s fashion elite, and they are a must-have this spring. Overalls are the perfect outfit centerpieces for an endless list of summer and springtime activities. Not sure what to wear to the beach? Try rocking some overalls over your bikini.

Do you want a flirty and fun outfit for rooftop drinks with your girlfriends? Overalls and some wedges. Wear them with a crop top and let the flap hang down to show off those yoga gains. Dress them down with a pair of sneakers, or dress them up in a pair of heels. There is no end to the fun and flirty styles made possible by a perfect pair of shortalls.


The Polka Dot Invasion

This spring, polka dots are all the rage and we could not be more excited. There are so many ways to incorporate this fun print into your wardrobe. Try them out on a flirty, flowy sundress. Rock them on some accessories and kick even the simplest of outfits up a notch. Make them the centerpiece of your look, or wear them as a clashing point with a different print. The possibilities are absolutely endless.

polka dot

Biker Shorts

We’ve been in love with biker shorts ever since they made an appearance on the Yves Saint Laurent runway. However, the question remains: what applications do they have outside of activewear? How do you rock a pair of biker shorts in a way that doesn’t make it look like you’re on your way back from Soul Cycle? It just so happens there are countless options. You can model yourself after style icon/ national security expert Kim Kardashian and rock those biker shorts with a pair of heels, and a jean jacket. Try them out with a gray tee and some classic white high tops.

polka dot

Spring Fashion Is In The Air

Spring has sprung. Get ready to meet the fashion challenges of the season with polka dots, earth tones, sundresses, feathered skirts and tops, and biker shorts. Get ready to slay as the days get longer.