Statement Pieces Worth the Extra Splurge

button up shirt

Statement Pieces Worth the Extra Splurge

Trends come and go, but there are always those few pieces that will stay in style no matter what. From denim to leather, statement pieces are always worth the extra splurge since you can continually wear them season after season. Urban Planet has a massive collection of timeless clothes that may be a little pricey but will last you a lifetime. We’ve created a list of some stylish statement pieces that will prove themselves to be the perfect fashion investment.

Denim Jackets

From its original creation in the late 1800s to its overwhelming popularity in recent decades, the denim jacket has established its dominance in the fashion community. These jackets are seriously chic, and they go with just about any outfit. From daytime festivities to nighttime shenanigans, women’s denim jackets look great anywhere and anytime. They come in all different colours and styles! Dark wash, distressed or oversized, if you name it there most likely is a denim jacket out there like it. You can even customize your denim jacket with patches and pins to add a personal touch. Although these might cost a little more than other outerwear on the racks today, denim jackets guarantee a lifetime of wear- since they will never go out of style. Urban Planet has some of the best denim jackets around. Check out our suggestions:

Oversized Distressed Denim Jacket

oversized distressed denim jacket

Oversized Cropped Denim Jacket

cropped denim jacket


We believe that the key to confidence is the perfect pair of shoes. Booties are among our favourite shoes to wear since they are not only comfortable but can take any look to the next level. With a slight heel, booties are dressy enough to hit the town with your friends, but they are also comfy enough to sport them during that long work commute. Lately, we’re obsessed with the different booties’ prints and patterns- especially the faux leather or snakeskin prints! Although you might be hesitant to splurge on some shoes, you will be sure to get your money’s worth with some booties. Here are some of our favourite bold booties selections from Urban Planet.

Slant Zipper Heel Bootie

slant zipper heel bootie

Stiletto Heel Bootie

stiletto heel bootie

Faux Suede Lace-Up Block Heel Bootie

faux-suede heel bootie

Platform Lace Up Heel Bootie

platform heel bootie


Ok, shoes might be the key to confidence, but purses are the key to our happiness! It’s impossible not to grin from ear to ear when getting your hands on a new bag. When it comes to women’s purses, we always suggest keeping it simple- sticking to neutrals or colours that you can rock all year long. While we recommend avoiding crazy neon-coloured bags or funky printed totes, that doesn’t mean we want you to settle for a basic and boring bag. On the contrary, we want you to find that statement purse that’ll stand the test of time for years to come. Urban Planet has some perfect pouches that will make spending some extra money totally worth it!

Structured Shoulder Satchel

shoulder satchel

Snake Satchel Crossbody Purse

snake satchel crossbody purse

Oval Fanny Pack

oval fanny pack

Faux Leather Drawstring Backpack

drawstring backpack


Jumpsuits are near and dear to fashionistas all over the world. I mean, how could you not love a one-piece that you can throw on and instantly creates a jaw-dropping ensemble? Although they might cost more than the average dress or pair of pants, jumpsuits are worth the splurge with their overwhelming versatility and undeniable chicness. Paired with some powerful pumps, jumpsuits dominate the nighttime scene. You can even style them down with some flats for a simple office ensemble. We don’t see jumpsuits going out of style any time soon, which is even more reason to pull out that wallet and purchase some more.

Sweetheart Tie Side Jumpsuit

tie side jumpsuit

Snake Long Sleeve Jumpsuit:

snake jumpsuit

Off-The-Shoulder Contrast Printed Palazzo Jumpsuit:

palazzo jumpsuit

Button-Up Shirts

Button-Up shirts have been around for forever and still manage to thrive in the fashion world. From executive girl bosses to learning ladies, button-ups are the ultimate style statement for every occasion. We love styling button-downs tucked into some denim shorts for a casual summertime ensemble we encourage you all to try out. Paired with pants, these trendy tops are perfect for layering as you bundle up to brace those winter months. Although pricier than other shirts, button-ups are versatile and ensure use during any season for years to come.

Button-Up Longline Shirt

button up longline shirt

Plaid Sherpa Button-Up Shirt

plaid sherpa button-up

Boxy Button-Up Short Sleeve Shirt

button up short sleeve shirt

Printed Soft Button-Up Shirt

printed button up

Treat Yourself With Urban Planet

Before splurging on a statement piece, you want to make sure you’ve asked yourself some important questions. “Can I wear this for years to come?” and “How often will I really wear it?” Urban Planet wants to help simplify your decision, which is why we have created a list of statement pieces worth the extra splurge. Urban Planet’s online clothing store has all of the fabulous pieces you need. We can’t wait to see all your darling denim jacket ensembles and fabulous jumpsuit looks!